In the “Basic stuff” part of the sidebar is a new wishlist. There I’ll put stuff that will or shall be covered. I can’t activate the comments on that page. So post your wishes here – I’ll copy them onto the page if I like them.

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  1. I looked thru your tutorial on setting up the Gimp. However I cannot find where to SAVE the current setup. Everytime I open Gimp, I have to re-do everything to what I want.

  2. @jeffegg2
    /Preferences/Window Management/Save Window Positions
    should work.

    @Steffen: Do you have a link for that stuff? Or is it this here? I got that under “Enhancing local contrast”.

  3. Rolf,
    The other day I’ve written a tutorial for beginners. It covers the first steps into GIMP GAP. I’ve explained the basic how to start and create a simple GIF animation for the dutch gimpers. Although GIF files can’t handle many colors it is a usefull thing (cheap) for websites. Maybe you can cover and promoot something about it.
    Take a look at dutchgimpers.nl where my tutorial has been placed under my nickname Nineveh.

  4. What a coincidence! Just today I looked at my avatar in the tipsfromthetopfloor forum and thought, that it would be a good funny show to make a different one. Your tutorials are really good – I nearly understood all and guestimated the rest. “Platt” (our old local dialect that I understand a bit) is not that far away from Dutch. Show booked and I’ll steal from your tutorial.

  5. I wrote you a mail some time ago, about correcting chromatic aberration. That would be nice! 🙂 Anyway, thanks fra a great videopodcast.

    Eirik (Norway)

  6. Rolf, thanks for all your efforts to produce this great podcast. A long awaited feature of the GIMP is now available with the new version – Color Management. Maybe you can cover this in one of the next shows – would be greatly appreciated !

  7. A new challenge is in the pipeline, tomorrow you’ll know more. 😉

    Colour management is a new field for me – except for “calibrating” my monitor with Monica. Worked out up to today, but I’ll have to look into that.

  8. I enjoy watching your podcasts, often during breakfast! Currently I am trying to create my own website, so if you are looking for another great topic maybe you consider telling something about how to draw and design graphical website elements, for example nice navigation buttons or rulers or even a logo.

  9. Hi,

    For all us stuck with crappy camera at night, perhaps a nice tutorial would be how to properly adapt a picture taken with too little light to as much as posible in GIMP.

    Thanks for all the tutorials, doing a great job!

  10. Hi, Rolf.

    I enjoyed your episode on brushes today. I searched for brushes on the internet, and someone had patterns to download. When I designed patterns for knitwear they were usually repeating tiled patterns. Good old Deluxe Paint II Enhanced had that feature (DOS program – am I showing my age?)

    Now I want to know how to create a repeating tiled pattern in gimp. Any possibility? I have no idea what I would use it for, but the thirst for knowledge is rearing its head!

    Thanks for keeping up the great work. Most appreciated.


  11. I should add, the way DP worked, you set the size of the tile, let’s say 12×24, and your image was 100×200. You could see your drawing automatically repeat in all the tiles on the image. Then you could be sure the design would repeat seamlessly.


  12. Hallo, wäre es machbar mal was über Photoorganisation zu machen mit Digikam oder Fspot? Photoshop Lightroom am Mac erscheint mir noch immer unsersetzlich obwohl ich ansonsten nur mit Linux arbeite.
    Gruß Wolfgang
    Hello, is ist possible to make something about organizing Photos for esample with Digikam or something else? How do you do it? Is there free Software?
    Thanks Wolfgang

  13. There goes my whish

    I have a couple of colleagues that work as artists/drawers.
    They are using photoshop -among other sw- on a regular basis, but both would like to swap to a cheaper/non propietary tool.

    I’ve been talking to them about the gimp -and meetthegimp.org of course, wich both of them love :-)- but seems like they are missing some stuff they need on a draw tool. Therefore, I’m not talking here of using the Gimp as a photo editing tool, mind you.

    The number one issue for one of them is the CMYK stuff. He says he needs to be able to convert the color map from RGB to CMYK.

    I told him I’d be investigating that point.

    And, to start with, Gimp happens not to support CMYK natively. But I’ve found that there are several plugins that can be helpful with it: lcms, separate and separate+. But I haven’t been able to use them to generate a jpg file based on cmyk (my colleague sent me 2 jpg’s, the normal one and the cmyk-ed one).

    And then, I don’t know if this stuff is also meaningful to us, people that use gimp for photo editing; I think that maybe would be in case of printing pictures to paper.

    Rolf, if you find that interesting or you have already fought your way through the cmyk issues, I think it’d be nice to make a show on it. Drawer folks and cmyk issues is just another way of meeting the gimp after all 🙂


  14. Hi Rolf,
    First I would like to say a big thank you for your tutorials.
    One subject that has not been touched upon is Printing from The Gimp using Gutenprint. Any tips or ideas of how to get Images to look as good as they do on screen onto paper. Its a problem many people have so any help would be helpful.
    Thank you.

  15. HDR; an opportunity?

    Making HDR images with opensource programs.
    Starting with UfRaw for downloading RAW images.
    Saving in Gimp for TIF files en editing with Qtpfsgui
    Take a look at:
    Qtpfsui has also a german manual.

    For the dutch visitors there’s a sample for creating HDR images.
    All software programs are for linux and…!…windows.

    Auch…don’t hit me. I’m still a windows user.
    Someday I will use Linux.

  16. I would also like to add my request for a piece about printing from the Gimp in Windows. No matter how I scale my image within the Gimp and set up the print size it always gets printed the same size! Is this just me?! Perhaps a show including this would be useful to others too.

  17. I do a lot of scanning Photos to do touchup work, or just enlargements and reprinting. Sometimes I do Invitations and such. So My wishlist is to have a session on scanning Photos.

    Whats the best DPI, and format to use in saving them to use in the gimp. Or any other thing I haven’t ask about scanning photos.

  18. I would like to see a tutorial on how to set up and use a Wacom Tablet with The Gimp. I like your videocasts. I like the style of thinking and working and not having a script. To me it seems like I am listening to a friend talking and not to a presenter at a workshop. It seems more personable and with less pressure than at a formal workshop. If you can make mistakes, then it is not so bad if I do also.

    Also, how do print if you don’t print from The Gimp?

  19. I really enjoy your podcasts. thank you very much. I found your pod cast and started from the beginning. I haven’t caught up yet, however, i’m close. I recently started using the gimp to retouch some old photographs. There’s lots of tutorials out there, none are videos that I’m aware of. perhaps you might consider this for an episode.

    In addition, i decided to get a graphics tablet (not too expensive). I’ve not really had an opportunity to put it to full use. Perhaps some tips/tricks etc on the use of the tablet. I believe you mention you have a Wacom (?). I didn’t get that particular brand, however, something on the general concept? this may not be too visual or could be included as part of another topic.

  20. Hi-

    I’d like to see a description and example of what can be done with the Lighting Effects filter. I know this is used a lot in photoshop, but I just don’t know how to get useful results in GIMP. There are so many options – bump mapping, environment mapping, as well as all the light setups, etc.

    Thanks, enjoy the shows.

  21. I was wondering if you could cover both the basic concept of HDR photography and how one might attempt to do it in gimp. Thanks.

  22. Hi Rolf,

    thanks for your podcasts — your work is gold worth. I’m currently learning GIMP with your podcasts and have one question, which might be covered in one of your podcasts: how do you solve the problem of aliasing at downscaling your images? I’ve done a small comparison of aliasing artifacts downscaling one image in GIMP & Photoshop and the latter one wins clearly. More about it in my post: http://e.trasher.biz/entry/406 .

    Thanks in advance!

  23. * Importing images from different sources, maybe an episode about Xsan.

    * Linux; how to begin and then end with how to compile Gimp or Ufraw with Lensfun.
    Also, other programs for Linux like image viewers and image browsers like Picasa.

    – I Must say that I like Meet the Gimp very much and also the work you do, It has inspire me to use Gimp and try Linux.

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