Torrents are working again

We have now a new torrent system with new trackers and a new packaging system. The newest up to ten shows will be available as single torrents. Then there will be packages of 10 and finally 50 episodes bundeled together.

And here is the first bunch:

The current show 149

Episode 100 – 149

Episode 050 – 099

Episode 001 – 049

I would be grateful for a bunch of seeders for the big bundles.

13 thoughts on “Torrents are working again

  1. Should the 001-100 torrent still be seeded? It sees few activity, but from time to time someone downloads it.

  2. Note, there’re some file naming differences: The companion files in the 100 torrent are named, while the smaller torrents use, so some sed is needed to prevent unnecessary downloads.
    Strangely, the big torrent is missing episode 85, I only just noticed this. (The file is there, but it’s not part of the torrent.)

  3. I will not seed that one anymore. It is breaking the naming system and has been made redundant by the new torrents. The new packages are really easy to construct.

  4. We should be pretty good by tomorrow with new seeds I see some are from Universities (they mostly have pretty fast links)

  5. Hi Rolf and Marcin.

    Thats a very good news 😉 I had to get wget / scripts to work this out ;). Took me a while – its better to do it Your way.



  6. Sorry, there are no torrents at the moment. One of the many things that need to be set up – or forgotten.

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