The show will be late today!

Just a short messaeg during breakfast:

Don’t expect the show at 1700 GMT today, I am a bit late. My job came into the way and the video is not finally edited and has then to be rendered and uploaded.

I have an interview with Sven Neumann (GIMP maintainer) for you. He has a very interesting announcement to make – which I am very pleased to get exclusively before it gets out on the mailing lists this night. So keep some disk space left for downloading….  Enough said! And off to school.

9 thoughts on “The show will be late today!

  1. For the dutch people the first of april is a special day.
    We do make jokes. We do try to make game to each other.
    “op 1 april verloor alva zijn bril”

    In 1972 the spanish Alva lost of the most successful group, the so called called Watergeuzen or Sea Beggars, the operated at sea.

    Will Rolf and Sven do make joke? 😉

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