Episode 153: Brocade

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[flattr /] Again a trip to Thailand with a wonderful candid shot made by Peter at a school festival. There is not much to enhance, just a crop, a bit of curves and the mutation of a blue trash bag into a gray one.

Before that I talk about bracketing and “dedicated” vs. “drive by” photography. And I present the next addition to our poor webserver – a Wiki for the collected wisdom of you all. Link sits in the menu box on the top of the right sidebar. Give it a try – reading and writing.


01:50 Bracketing to get the right exposure
04:30 Photo Session or Drive by Shooting
06:55 The MTG Wiki
14:15 School in Thailand
15:05 Decisions about blurring the background
16:20 Inside out crop
20:25 Copy the layer for backup
20:30 Curves adjusted
22:25 Removing colour with a saturation layer
25:30 Adjusting brightness with a value layer
26:50 Recap

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