Episode 175: Polygonal Blob

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After a visit to Libre Graphics World with a report about the state of GIMP 2.8 and a look into the future.

I tackle a question I was asked at the 28c3. Is there a way to draw geometric figures in GIMP? Well, I found three.

The selection tools provide a variety of ways to make a geometric selection which later can be stroked or filled with a colour or pattern. The paths tool can be handy too, I didn’t cover it in this show.

The Gfig plugin allows the construction and editing of such figures, but there are a lot of drawbacks and some risk of fatal crashes.

And finally – is GIMP the right tool? Why not take Inkscape, dabble a bit and export the result to GIMP? Inkscape is easy to use for simple tasks – they have a really good user interface. For more complicated stuff there are the tutorials at screencasters.com. Long time no show there, but perhaps Richard and heathenx can be pestered into making some more. They haven’t given up but gone into hibernation a bit.

And if you are in or around Toronto – Steve Czajka is holding an interesting course there.


00:40 State of GIMP 2.8 – http://libregraphicsworld.org/
01:55 28c3 in Berlin
02:30 Drawing geometric figures – a missing feature?
03:30 Select and stroke
03:35 Rectangle, Ellipse and Free Hand selection tool
04:15 Help from Guides and the Grid
05:00 Stroke
05:50 Combining selections
06:20 Subtracting selections
07:10 gfig plugin
07:30 Lines,rectangles, circles, arcs, polygons, stars and more
08:10 Limits and drawbacks
09:00 Editing
11:00 CRASH!!!!
11:30 Don’t use GIMP! Use Inkscape!
15:30 Getting the work back to GIMP.
16:00 Making a colour transparent
17:00 Choose the right tool
18:00 Version control for GIMP – not yet

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Episode 017: Selecting Selections Part 1

Download the Video!
Download the companion file! (…if there is one…. 😉 )

Selections are widely used in Gimp. Select something to work only on that, to cut or copy it, to move it around…..

In this video I cover the basics of selections, the usage of the rectangle, elipse and free hand selection tool with all their options, the different selection modes (replacing, adding, substracting and intersecting) and the different keyboard shortcuts you can use. Yes, there is a difference between first pressing shift and then the mouse or the other way around.

Finally I show you how to work with the Quickmask to make finetunings to your selection and how to save a selection for later use in a channel.


00:23 Welcome
00:32 Focus Ring podcast
01:11 Meet The Gimp Blog
03:15 Gimp.org documentation
04:45 What is a selection?
05:58 Removing a selection
06:20 Selection options
06:35 – replacing the selection
06:52 – add to selection
08:10 – subtract from selection
09:05 – intersect with current selection
10:00 – using keyboard modifiers for selection mode
11:52 – feathered edges
14:20 – rounded corners
17:20 – expand from centre
19:30 – fixed aspect ratio
20:57 – highlight
21:17 – fixed size and position
22:22 Guides
25:45 Free Select Tool
27:55 Quick mask
33:23 Hello Poland and Norway
35:14 The End
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