Episode 054: Cakovec Castle and Forum

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In this first Epsiode of the second year of Meet the GiMP! I return to Cakovec, Croatia with an image from the old castle. For celebrations I made a double length show. 😉 And to celebrate the Croatian style weather here (30+C), I had the windows open and you get some street noises. Our weather is mostly so cold that only bigger shops have an AC.

Before Croatia there is an update on the Old Ink Challenge from the last show. You can download the new set of images and try your knowledge of GiMP (or any other free software program) on that. Please send the results to info@meetthegimp.org.

Of course the new Forum gets a place too in this show. Have a look!

Then I reveal the secret of painting without gaps or overlaps – to answer a question from Luis in Buenos Aires.

In Cakovec I take you with me while I shoot the image to postprocess and tell you a secret of a lot of better photographers than me: MOVE!

The postprocessing involves mostly stuff I had already covered. New is an enhancement of the sky with a masked layer in multiply mode.

A team of highly trained Penguins in the MTG-Labs invented a new TLA, the TOC. And here it is:

The Old Ink Challenge 0:40
The new forum 7:00
Painting without overlap or gaps 10:50
How to shoot a castle 15:20
Postprocessing the castle image 18:20
Rotate 18:50
Crop 20:30
Clone a powerline out 24:20
Boosting the colours with curves 31:10
Enhance the sky with a masked layer in multiply mode 33:00

Now you can skip the parts of the video you don’t like.

Edit: With an audience like you a podcaster can be lazy:

The image I mentioned in the podcast and two links found by Andrew.


And another goodie found by Mathias in the Netzzeitung

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Episode 004: A Ship in the Fog (2) – Correcting Colours

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In this episode of my video podcast I show how to correct colours with layers in GIMP.

For reducing the green tint of the image I add a layer filled with a bright magenta (white minus a bit green) and set the layer mode to “multiply”. This reduces the green in the image proportional to the amount of green in each pixel. The amount of the effect can be adjusted by changing the opacity of the layer or changing the colour of the layer.

Then I add a bit of blue with a layer filled with a very dark blue (black plus a bit blue) and set the layer mode to “screen”. Now the blue in each pixel is enhanced proportionally. This can also be adjusted.

Colourcorrection with the Gimp

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00:22 Welcome
00:43 Correcting colour using curves
01:43 Correcting colour using a layer
02:28 Multiply layer
03:25 Change the colour of the multiply layer
04:39 Adjust the ammount of correction using opacity
05:30 Adding blue
05:52 Screen mode layer
08:07 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License.