Episode 021: I warp and more fun with animations

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No real work today – but a lot of fun with the iwarp plugin and a little bit of the GAP (Gimp Animation Package). And you get some more advice about making animations by some of the viewers.

You find Jeffegg2’s baby picture here. Still a bit of a wrinkled forehead – but definitely a smile.

The GAP tutorial at gimp.org has more informations about GAP.

Don’t forget to make a panorama and put it into the photogroup!


00:23 Welcome
00:33 Video Table of Contents
00:55 Thank you to Jeff
02:58 IWarp plugin
04:00 Deformation modes
07:30 Animate
09:25 Viewer feedback on animations
10:41 Copy Visible
11:36 Animation blending
13:30 Something incredible!
13:40 Morphing using GAP
19:07 Panorama Challenge
21:03 The End
TOC made by paynekj