Episode 194: A look into digiKam (1/2)

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This week nachbarnebenan shows how to use the KDE (and Windows) photo organizer digiKam. There is more to it, a second part will follow. I don’t know much about digiKam because I use Gnome Shell as my desktop environment and digiKam is made for KDE. It would run on my system, but I would have to install a lot of other stuff too. Linux users have a lot of desktop environments to choose from.

nachbarnebenan talks also about his 100 day photo challenge and has some valuable tips if you are up to a similar thing. He is also responsible for a lot of the content of the Meet the GIMP Wiki.


00:00:40 Linux and the “Desktop Wars” (Gnome, KDE et al)
00:05:10 Setting up digiKam
00:07:18 Starting digiKam
00:08:22 Declutter your screen
00:09:10 Selecting a dark theme
00:10:10 adding image collection paths
00:11:20 templates for image meta data
00:12:00 Kipi plugins
00:14:00 Insert: the 100 day challenge and a confession
00:20:10 Tagging images
00:22:40 The timeline
00:23:22 Fuzzy search – doesn’t work properly now
00:23:50 Face recognition and tagging people – also not now
00:24:10 Geographic search of geotagged images
00:25:15 Nesting albums
00:26:00 Selecting images with buttons – useful for tablets
00:27:20 Rating images and attach colour labels
00:27:30 Filtering images
00:28:20 Good Bye!

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