Episode 116:_Color I_nfo?

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Today I explore the information that GIMP provides about colour. It’s the always helpful histogram, the border average which gives you a nice colour for a background for your image, the colour cube analysis and the smooth palette. The last two are quite exotic and I can think of no way to use them for me.

As I have avoided to discuss Median, Mean and Standard Deviation, help yourself! 😉

And of course I remind you that the challenge is still open!


00:20 The feed for small players
01:55 A new camera
04:10 The Color Info Menu
04:20 The histogram
04:25 Stats
05:50 Log or Linear
07:50 Value and RGB
09:30 Border average
14:30 Color cube analysis
15:05 Smooth palette
16:55 Challenge reminder

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Episode 007: The Curves tool

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In todays show I cover the curves tool. With curves you can change the brightness and contrast of an image in a lot of ways. Either fine tune the shadows, midtones and highlights or do something very strange as in this picture.

Curves applied

This picture was made by Andra Sommer-Steinort for a workshop we both attend at the moment.

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00:25 Site statistics
02:10 Curves tool
03:29 – separate colour curves
04:30 – sampling the image
04:55 – translation function curve
07:20 – linear vs. logarithmic mode
08:24 – curve type
08:59 – save/open curve
09:35 – using the tool – S curve
10:45 – loosing information
12:46 The End

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This work is licensed under a
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Episode 003: A Ship in the Fog – Part 1

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You are in for a mix of topics in this screencast.

I start with answering the first comment I got 🙂 and show some ways how to get the GIMP 2.3 for different operating systems.

The site I mention in the podcast is www.gimpusers.de. EDIT: There is an english version of that site under www.gimpusers.com. The Mac stuff is at gimp.org.

Then I begin to work at an image of a ship coming down the river Weser on a foggy morning. The image is mostly gray and very low in contrast. As this was shot in RAW, it is possible to get something usuable out of it. You get a lecture about the difference of 256 steps between black and white in JPEG and why the 4096 steps in RAW are better.


(I assume there would be more detail in an JPEG out of the camera because it does some postprocessing…)

I show how to access the menues of the GIMP in three different ways, how to analyze an image with the histogram tool and the colour picker, how to rotate an image just a little bit and how to crop it using the Rule of Thirds (not a LAW – but a nice rule of thumb) to get an aesthetic result. And I nearly forgot to save the image in GIMP’s native image format – XCF.

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00:24 Welcome
01:10 GimpUsers.de
02:55 Original image
03:24 The case for using RAW
05:59 The histogram
10:22 Switching the toolbox off with TAB
12:02 Checking the rotation
14:50 Cropping
19:00 Saving the image
20:40 The End
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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License.