Episode 182: A Special Day

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It’s a special day today, five years ago I rolled out the very first episode of “Meet the GIMP!”. And now it is #182, that’s 0.7 episodes per week. 😉 Update: An error corrected below and the comments are working again!

But the show starts with an other anniversary. Twenty years ago these days Tim Berners-Lee (still without a “Sir” in front of his name) published the first photo on the World Wide Web. Up to then it had spent it’s first year or so text only. The users and servers were somehow connected to the CERN particle collider near Geneva. What’s better to put on an image in a nerdy environment than a band? An all female High Energy Rock Band, Les Horribles Cernettes, of course. So a quick and dirty Photoshop (Version 1) hack (yes, web sites were that ugly once…) intended as a base for an in house CD publication found it’s way to the computer of Berners-Lee and history was on it’s way. There seems to be quite a dispute about this just now. Why can’t people keep proper records when they are making history? 😉


Some epsiodes of Meet the GIMP! have found their way into an education program of the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai (Bombay). They dub them with Indian English and publish them on their server. The project Spoken Tutorial is a great way to reach out and broaden education. And of course I am proud that my material is used that way.

I love the Greyscale Icon Theme by Eckhard M. Jäger of the “Linux for Designers” blog. Keeping the active icon in color is a nice touch.

Ramon Miranda has updated his GIMP Paint Studio. This is a collection of brushes, patterns, gradients and more, bound together by presets and dynamic settings for tablet users. (If you don’t have a tablet, get one now!)

The GIMP Magazine is taking up steam. I have seen the drafts, they are nearly complete and get better all the time. Expect the first issue in early September.

And finally I process an image of a small part of the steam engine 01 1066, which I found in the Hamburg Main Station. The processing is nothing spectacular, just cropping, curves, a bit of burning and dodging. But this time I am printing the image on my brand new printer – an Epson 1500W. An Episode about printing is coming up, just now I am just playing around.

UPDATE I made a blunder here and switched the terms dodging and burning – I got the reminder of proper dark room culture from Saul Goode in the forum.

Burning is letting more light from the enlarger onto the paper (as I told in the show) but as it is a negative projected on light sensitive paper  the image gets darker. So I burned the lower right edge of the image.

Dodging is keeping light away from the paper and so making that part lighter, no light at all would result in unchanged white. I dodged the rust on the fitting in the center of the image.

And here comes the twist. A “burned out sky” is white on the final image because it has been “burned out” the negative, resulting in solid black there. I haven’t been in the dark room lab for decades, perhaps I’ll try it again after the printing fever has gone old. 😉 (BTW, my new pigment ink and refillable replacement cartridges arrived today…. )

A very good demonstration of burning and dodging is done in the film War Photographer about James Nachtwey. Worth watching, even without interest in dark room technique.

A big thank you to all of you for the support in these five years!


00:20 Les Horribles Cernettes
03:15 20 years of images in the net
03:50 Meet the GIMP is dubbed in Indian English by spokentutorials.org in Mumbai
06:20 5 years of Meet the GIMP!
07:00 Installing a grey icon theme
08:00 Where is your personal GIMP directory?
09:00 Gimp Paint Studio by Ramon Miranda
10:50 The presets give additional value
11:20 Dynamic settings
13:00 Dampflok 101066 in Hamburg Central Station
14:45 Opening and analyzing the image
16:20 Cropping for a print with a fixed aspect ratio
18:45 Make a backup layer
19:00 Curve tool to get black black
20:45 Dodging Burning with a layer and brush
22:50 Burning Dodging with a layer and brush
26:05 Sharpening
27:30 Saving the image
28:10 Printing is new for me
29:00 The GIMP Magazine is coming in September
29:55 5 Years – a summary.

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