Single Window Interface in 2.8 “highly possible”

Peter Sikking, one (or the?) main UI designers for GIMP has some intersting news on his blog. What I like again in his posting is the documentation of the way he came to the final (for now) design of the UI.

The step done in 2.8 seems to be even larger now. And I can’t wait for the time line thumbnails!

And of course Gimpusers has more about this.

Edit: Gimpusers gets hammered from Digg, but is keeping up. I thought our site was sluggish because of a lot of stray people from there – but it was a wld download script in Manila. IP is blocked now.

Episode 066: Setting up GIMP 2.6 and looking into the future

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This is basically Episode 002 – but with a really new GIMP (and a more experienced screen caster). But before that I have some news for you about the future of the “Meet the GIMP” project and about the development of GIMP 2.7 and 2.8. I’ll try to explain why we will NOT have 16 bit in 2.8 – and that the developers are not to blame for it. The comments from David Gowers are here and here.
The future of this project is brighter than ever. Philippe will be a regular contributor with his own show track. The forum is really getting off. I never had to interfere there because everybody is friendly and behaves. On the other hand nobody steps around on his toes. And a lot of answers are there before I come to read the question.

The show will go wide screen as in Episode 64, but we’ll have a separate feed for mobile devices.
The funding is secure. In Episode 49 I had asked for donations. They are still coming in. I just paid the demorecorder license for Philippe from that money and have left enough to pay my 20€/month for the server well into January. If the funds are running out I’ll give notice.
BTW, I don’t publish donor names and amounts. I feel that such lists, especially sorted by amount, are humiliating. An amount easily spent by e.g. a German teacher with tenure is a high investment for people in other parts of the geographical or social map. Each donor gets a thank you mail from me as a receipt.
And there are more ways to donate to this project. Time for example. Spread the word about this on your blog or in forums where appropriate. Write comments or go to the forum. Or become a correspondent for the blog if you are stumbling over newsworthy stuff while surfing around on all the other graphics web sites.


00:20 Housekeeping – New shows, file formats, feeds and so on
04:40 Look at 2.7, 2.8 and further
11:50 Why not 16 bit in 2.8
12:40 Setting up 2.6
14:20 Preferences dialogue
14:30 Environment
15:30 User interface, previews and keyboard shortcuts
16:00 Theme – Big or small icons
16:40 Help system
17:20 Tool options
18:55 Toolbox
19:10 Default image
19:30 Image window
20:10 Display
20:50 Input devices – activating a Wacom tablet
24:10 Tweaking gimprc for getting rid of the drop space in the toolbox
28:00 Configuring the dockable dialogs
30:30 Selecting tools for the Toolbox
34:00 Recap

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Looking into the Crytall Ball and seeing 2.6.1

… or was I reading the Gimp developers mailing list?

  • there will be a bug fix release to 2.6.1 this week
  • after that the work on 2.7 will start
  • definition of goals for 2.8 is starting now
  • on the list are already
    • merge the successful GSoC projects
    • attempt a port of the projection code (and perhaps more) to GEGL
    • change tools to draw using the Cairo library


You can access the list at