Episode 173: Lots of Dots

Download the Video! (14:10 26.9MB)

Meet the GIMP is on Youtube! Mike AKA Eppic has started this channel and is uploading all the old episodes. Thank You!

I need some dot patterns for a project with Moiré. And so this episode is deveted to building dot patterns out of a grid without grid lines. Misterious? Have a look at the video!

The video ends a bit abrupt. Cinelerra went on strike with the last part of the footage. So some stuff is left as an exercise for you!


00:20 We are on YouTube!
01:00 The Importance of Dots
02:00 The Grid filter makes crosses
03:00 Blurr and Threshold to make circles
04:25 Colour to Alpha – making white transparent
04:55 Patterns for the Bucket Fill
05:50 Measurements in the pattern
06:25 Cropping
07:00 Saving as .pat
08:45 Cropping again – same but different
10:00 Moiree demo
11:00 Getting smaller dots
11:15 No Threshold Tool on transparency
11:20 Curves tool on Alpha Channel
13:30 Cinelerra on strike

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