Episode 081: Winter!

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Download the companion file! (…if there is one…. 😉 )


This show has a new encoding, so it may not be playable on every device. I wanted to test this thoroughly before rolling it out, but the old converter program has some problems. If you run into problems – it should be playable on any computer with the program VLC.

After a short visit to the Schnoor in Bremen and a Christmas Equipment Shop that is open all year Max makes a winter theme wallpaper.

He constructs a snowflake brush and then makes a multi layerd wallpaper for his computer.

This was the last show for 2008 – I need a bit of a break. Have nice holidays and a happy new year!

Episode 030: Brushes

BrushesDownload the Video!
Download the companion file! (…if there is one…. 😉 )

Last week I covered the painting tools, today I tackle the brushes that are needed for the paint tools.

There are different types of brushes and I’ll show how to use them and how to create some of them. There are a lot of different brushes on the net for downloading, you’ll find out how to make them available in your GIMP brush collection.

In the time since I recorded this show I found out how to make an “Image Hose” or animated brush. It’s not as complicated as the manual promises. Since it’s nothing a photographer would use a lot, I am not sure if it fits into the show. If you want to see it, drop me a mail.

And a warning: I recorded this with “recordmydesktop” – there are some parts where the audio and video is badly out of sync. It doesn’t happen in a predictable way and I could not make it better during editing. The future shows will be again recorded with demorecorder – without that problem.

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