Episode 053: In the USSR the Posters are watching YOU!

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I have to do some corrections on last weeks episode. As I wrote in the update, I had made a blunder with the last layer.
Then we have another video from Andrew A. Gill, the guy who enlightened us about CYMK. He takes on the Comic style from episode 50 and tries to copy a style used by Soviet propaganda and today by Shepard Fairey. +Link +Link
The image on top of this post has been made by Andrew. It’s not exactly Soviet Propaganda. πŸ˜‰
Then I have a challenge for you. I got set of images from Ted. He is researching family history. So he has to work a lot with reproductions of old documents. The rules are easy: You are happy about what you get and you don’t complain about quality. Here is a set of images (11MB) for you to cut your teeth in. The goal is to enhance readability. Please document your steps. Next week I’ll tell you how to report about your results.

Finally there are some news about GiMP 2.5.2.


00:22 Update to episode 52 – copy visible
04:09 Burn mode – Gimp documentation
05:53 The old shows
06:00 Video from Andrew A. Gill
06:27 – Poster Art
07:00 – Start image – chopped into pieces
08:00 – Posterizing with more control
08:50 – Colouring
10:17 – Saving in indexed mode
13:00 Make your own video for Meet The Gimp
14:20 Comparing the results of poster art
16:23 The Old Ink Challenge
18:30 Extras
18:53 Gimp 2.5 features
22:50 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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Episode 050: Comics

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This 50th episode is 40 minutes long. I am not sure if thisΒ  “Double Length” is caused by the complexity of the work or simply a bit of laziness. But I declare “celebrating the 50th” as the official reason for this.

The log files of my blog show from where clicks are coming in. One of the most successful linkers is Jeff (jeffegg2) on flickr. He drops a comment with a link to this site whenever appropriate.

There is a GIMP users group on flickr that I found out about on this way. And there I found a tutorial from Shelly and Roy about making a comic like drawing out of a photography.

I was looking for such an effect for a while. My final goal is to do something like Roy Lichtenstein did – replacing every colour gradient with solid colour or a dot pattern. I think this is a step on that way.

I am not very happy with my result. It still has too much “non-comic” in it. If you compare my work with this image from Shelly and Roy, you see that I am not really there. πŸ˜‰

One thing that I found out after I made the video: these images are very ugly to scale down. So work in your final resolution.

You can find the file used in this episode at the usual place.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License.