Episode 008: Questions and Answers

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The sound quality got lost somewhere in the production chain. And I have no time to fix it because I have to finish the schedule for my school first. Next week with better sound….

In this episode I answer a some questions that came up in the last weeks. I discover the colour sample points, explain the colour picker a bit more in depth and give some pointers to ressources about the Gimp.

I promised some links:

Gimpusers – a very informative site about the Gimp.

Akkana Peck’s good book “Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional” beginninggimp-wilber.jpg on her site. The book is sold without Wilber on top! 😉 With this Amazon link you can buy it and increase her share on the price.

The Linux User mailing list. Subscribe to it – there is a lot of valuable information and only little noise.

The photocast_network_button_120.gif homepage, where you can also find the Focus Ring podcast.

This hasn’t made the podcast:

Meet the GIMP! is now listed in iTunes and Podcast Alley. If you like the show please let the people there know. 😉


00:22 Welcome
00:40 News
02:12 Sample points question
04:15 – trying it out
07:04 Colour picker
08:19 – sample merged
09:20 – sample average
09:55 Compressing .xcf files automatically
10:45 Blog video quality question
12:39 Non destructive curves? – No
13:20 Begining Gimp book
15:20 Photocast network
16:28 The End
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Episode 003: A Ship in the Fog – Part 1

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You are in for a mix of topics in this screencast.

I start with answering the first comment I got 🙂 and show some ways how to get the GIMP 2.3 for different operating systems.

The site I mention in the podcast is www.gimpusers.de. EDIT: There is an english version of that site under www.gimpusers.com. The Mac stuff is at gimp.org.

Then I begin to work at an image of a ship coming down the river Weser on a foggy morning. The image is mostly gray and very low in contrast. As this was shot in RAW, it is possible to get something usuable out of it. You get a lecture about the difference of 256 steps between black and white in JPEG and why the 4096 steps in RAW are better.


(I assume there would be more detail in an JPEG out of the camera because it does some postprocessing…)

I show how to access the menues of the GIMP in three different ways, how to analyze an image with the histogram tool and the colour picker, how to rotate an image just a little bit and how to crop it using the Rule of Thirds (not a LAW – but a nice rule of thumb) to get an aesthetic result. And I nearly forgot to save the image in GIMP’s native image format – XCF.

Please let me know what you think about the show. Too slow? Too fast? Too much ramblings? Or too much information? Even if you like everything – write a comment or drop me a mail at info@meetthegimp.org
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00:24 Welcome
01:10 GimpUsers.de
02:55 Original image
03:24 The case for using RAW
05:59 The histogram
10:22 Switching the toolbox off with TAB
12:02 Checking the rotation
14:50 Cropping
19:00 Saving the image
20:40 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License.