Episode 112: Two Candles

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It’s just a bit after Midnight here in Germany – and so at least for nearly half the world still Friday, July 24th. And that is the second birthday of Meet the GIMP.

I cover two questions for this is the first HD show – and it took ages to render. I will have to adjust my workflow. 😉 I start with a problem of Ivo, the producer of Autozine – an online car magazine made with GIMP. He wants to change reality a bit and move letters around in an image.His images are in the companion file.

Then I tackle selective sharpening again after I got a question about how to further control the sharpened area. In episode 6 I constrained the sharpening to the edges in the image – here I reduce it to parts of the image.

In case that you wonder why there is no sharpening while I paint the antenna – have a look at the “eyes” in the layers dialog box….. 😉

This post will be updated tomorrow – then there will be also a mobile version and the companion file. Good night!

Mobile version of the vido is in the making is ready – I hope it will play everywhere.

There are comments about problems with iTunes and this episode. Is there anybody who can play this in iTunes?

The Mobile Version is a quick and dirty build with Handbrake. Does it play? Where? Where not? And why is it so large? 😉 Update: newer version in a bit larger and different encoding. Please check!

Episode 103: Portrait of a Young Man

Download the Video!
Download the Companion File! (if there is one…. otherwise 404….)103Again Norman has an interesting task for me – restoring old images. John Edwin Frewer was photographed in London around 1866/7 – of course not digital. I’ll tell you a bit more about him in the next episode.

His image was on a glass plate negative and was then copied as a contact print to photographic paper. The guys who took the image were a bit sloppy and left some lint and marks on the image. And then came 140 years of storage and handling.

Norman has offered to restore the images and I’ll try to help him with this and the next episode. In this one I revisit the clone tool and explore the heal tool. It’s the right tool for tackling all the spots in the image.

The show starts with greeting to Russia, A lot of visits to the site are from there and comments in Cyrillic are getting more. Google translate helps not a lot and so we are looking for some help from Russia. You speak Russian? Become an Editor for this blog and decide what’s real and what’s SPAM. And to all the Russian visitors here – please try to write in English, even if you think it’s not good enough. We will understand you better than Google translate – or ask. 😉

shiny-screenshotsThen I show a plugin that turns dull screenshots into nice reflecting 3-D product shot.

This plugin was written by Fabian A. Scherschel, the German part of the Linux Outlaws podcast. Fabian is drinking beer and talking with Dan Lynch (several cups of tea) about Linux, Open Source news, politics and more.

I think you’ll hear about a really good video podcast about GIMP there soon, so check them out. 😉


00:30 Greetings to Russia
02:48 Linuxoutlaws and screenshot plugin
08:25 Norman has a new problem
09:00 What’s wrong with this image from 1870?
14:10 How much to correct
15:10 Make a backup layer
15:30 Clone tool
17:30 Heal tool
22:10 Undo a whole area
23:20 Working on the face
25:30 Verschlimmbessern
26:50 Comparison of clone and heal tool
29:10 Keep the pattern of the suit
31:00 Tedious work ahead, but….
31:20 perhaps a G’MIC can help?
32:50 Wrap up

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Episode 005: A ship in the fog (3) – off to the print shop!

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In this episode I’ll finish the editing of the image that kept me busy in the last shows. There was a lot to do – darkening the ship with a selective layer mask, cloning out some driftwood and half a bird, correcting the aspect ratio to something the printer will be happy with and giving him a hint how to print the image with a gray and colour gradient.

Before I really send the image to the printer I’ll make the birds in the top left corner a bit darker – but you know how to do that.

Meet the GIMP! is now listed in iTunes and Podcast Alley. If you like the show please let the people there know. 😉

And if you live in the USA, have some time in the fall and want to improve your photography, click on this link to the Tips from the Top Floor Workshops.

I can recomend them, you’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot.

You can leave your comments on this blog or go to the Tips from the Top Floor Forum.


00:21 Welcome
00:52 Make it pop
01:10 Multiply layer
02:40 Add a layer mask
04:25 Checking you’re painting on the layer mask
09:26 Change the order of the layers
11:14 Blur the layer mask
12:25 Selective editing
12:50 Healing tool
15:30 Clone tool
16:38 Preparing for printer
16:45 Changing aspect ratio using Canvas Size
18:10 A new layer for the background
18:47 Printer guidelines
21:06 About the blog
21:40 Learning to see workshop
22:27 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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