Episode 065: Roaring 16 Bit!

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Philippe is back and has found a way to implement 16 bit ON Gimp. 16 bit IN Gimp is left for Sven and all his helpers. (EDIT: Note that 2.6 has GEGL integrated, but still works only with 8 bit per channel! This Episode is kind of a joke!)

You see how to change the appearance of a font and give it a 3D chrome look. Then you’ll learn how to simulate a reflection of the surroundings and to repaint your car in a hurry.

Philippe is no teacher – but he gives you homework! Look out for the end of the show!

In case that you are interested in the CV2, Wikipedia has good stuff about it. And from own experience I can tell you that there is not much more frightening than going round a corner with speed in a 2CV. You are sure it will topple on its soft suspension. Perhaps a bit more frightening is to have one in the opposite lane in a curve….

New Python Script for managing brushes!

Philippe has written a script for managing brushes under Gimp. Check it out here in the forum. Perhaps you can help to make it better and to integrate it into GIMP?


01:22  Ferrari and 2CV
03:00  Learning from others
10:30  The Background
11:30  Selecting a font
12:30  Modify the writing in a path
19:30  Bumpmapping
23:10  Getting the Chrome on
27:00  Reflection of the surroundings
32:00  Adding some sun glare
36:00  Adjusting the reflections, fine tuning
39:40  Repaint your car in a second!
40:00  Homework for you!

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