Episode 017: Selecting Selections Part 1

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Selections are widely used in Gimp. Select something to work only on that, to cut or copy it, to move it around…..

In this video I cover the basics of selections, the usage of the rectangle, elipse and free hand selection tool with all their options, the different selection modes (replacing, adding, substracting and intersecting) and the different keyboard shortcuts you can use. Yes, there is a difference between first pressing shift and then the mouse or the other way around.

Finally I show you how to work with the Quickmask to make finetunings to your selection and how to save a selection for later use in a channel.


00:23 Welcome
00:32 Focus Ring podcast
01:11 Meet The Gimp Blog
03:15 Gimp.org documentation
04:45 What is a selection?
05:58 Removing a selection
06:20 Selection options
06:35 – replacing the selection
06:52 – add to selection
08:10 – subtract from selection
09:05 – intersect with current selection
10:00 – using keyboard modifiers for selection mode
11:52 – feathered edges
14:20 – rounded corners
17:20 – expand from centre
19:30 – fixed aspect ratio
20:57 – highlight
21:17 – fixed size and position
22:22 Guides
25:45 Free Select Tool
27:55 Quick mask
33:23 Hello Poland and Norway
35:14 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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