Episode 170: Set the Presets!

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A nice feature crept into GIMP 2.7 under my Radar – presets for the tools in the toolbox. You can store all the settings, give them a name and recall them later. I show how to make some for rotating an image and cropping in different aspect ratios.

GIMP 2.7 includes also a system for tagging brushes. A combination of tags and presets allows a big but manageable collection of special brushes. This needs further exploring.

Then I have to brag about the low light capabilities my new X100 – ISO 2000 and nearly no noise. 🙂

There is no torrent file for the moment, because we still have to resolve these tracker issues. And beware of the companion file – I think it is only useful for you if you want to tinker with the RAW file or check out an image out of a X100.


00:30 GIMP Version numbers
02:00 Saving presets with the rotate tool
03:40 Presets for different crop settings
05:35 The Preset dockable dialogue
05:55 Prests for the text tool
07:30 Using preset tools
08:25 Curves tool – low S-curve
10:00 Bragging about the X100 in low light

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Episode 082: Not Really Square!

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82I am back with a short trip into the land of the non-square pixels. You can change the resolution and aspect ratio not only of the image but also of the individual pixels.

And then I have a reminder about animated GIFs – a “commercial” from SCALE 7x.

SCALE 7x, the premier Open Source Community conference in the southwestern United States, returns to the Westin LAX Hotel, site of the 6th Expo!

For 2009, the main weekend conference at SCALE 7x has been expanded. In addition to the three main tracks, a Beginner’s track and a Developer’s track have been added.

SCALE will be February 20th – 22nd, 2009.


The TOC:

00:40 Anamophic images
01:40 Making an image with non-square pixels
02:30 Changing the resolution and units
03:35 “Dot for Dot” has to switched off
05:10 Changing the unit of the rulers
06:00 Setting up the grid
08:20 Scale7x announcement

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Episode 005: A ship in the fog (3) – off to the print shop!

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In this episode I’ll finish the editing of the image that kept me busy in the last shows. There was a lot to do – darkening the ship with a selective layer mask, cloning out some driftwood and half a bird, correcting the aspect ratio to something the printer will be happy with and giving him a hint how to print the image with a gray and colour gradient.

Before I really send the image to the printer I’ll make the birds in the top left corner a bit darker – but you know how to do that.

Meet the GIMP! is now listed in iTunes and Podcast Alley. If you like the show please let the people there know. 😉

And if you live in the USA, have some time in the fall and want to improve your photography, click on this link to the Tips from the Top Floor Workshops.

I can recomend them, you’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot.

You can leave your comments on this blog or go to the Tips from the Top Floor Forum.


00:21 Welcome
00:52 Make it pop
01:10 Multiply layer
02:40 Add a layer mask
04:25 Checking you’re painting on the layer mask
09:26 Change the order of the layers
11:14 Blur the layer mask
12:25 Selective editing
12:50 Healing tool
15:30 Clone tool
16:38 Preparing for printer
16:45 Changing aspect ratio using Canvas Size
18:10 A new layer for the background
18:47 Printer guidelines
21:06 About the blog
21:40 Learning to see workshop
22:27 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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