Episode 015: RAW to the rescue! Mini-HDR ;-)

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I shot some autumn scenes with a Lensbaby in a very mixed light condition. And I haven’t checked the histogram after this shot. It is the only one with the focus right on spot and a dreamy flair. The leaf in the center was overexposed in the JPG image – blown out highlights ruined the image.

This is the final image – not the one with the blown out highlights….

But I had shot in JPG and NEF (Nikon’s RAW) – so I used UFRaw to produce a TIFF file with the right exposure of the leaf and blended it into the image with a layer mask. This is basically the way (pseudo-) HDR works. Take different parts of the image from differntly exposed photographs.

A slight correction with the hue/saturation tool was necessary to adjust the colours. Cropping was done twice – a mistake made a correction necessary. So I covered some advanced options in cropping.

I promised some links:

Don’t forget to make a triptych and post it in the photogroup. I’ll draw a winner for the one year 23Plus membership sponsored by 23 in show 16. So you have still time to Oct. 18 to submit an entry. The pictures there are already worth to be looked at.

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00:23 Welcome
00:34 Triptych challenge
02:55 More on liquid rescale
05:36 Red Hat Magazine
07:04 The Lensbaby source image
09:47 Raw conversion using UFRaw
14:30 Open in Gimp
15:00 Add TIFF as a new layer
16:00 Aligning the layers
18:18 Add a layer mask
21:45 Adjust the hue-saturation
25:46 Crop the image
28:40 Reduce the file size by cropping the top layer
30:00 Remove a distraction using the clone tool
34:48 Resize for web
37:40 Sharpening
42:23 the End
TOC made by paynekj

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4 thoughts on “Episode 015: RAW to the rescue! Mini-HDR ;-)

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  2. Nice tutorial once again, Rolf.

    I really like all the stuff one can do playing with layers and masks

    See you next chapter

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