Raw Therapee – Experimental RAw Photo Editor

Marcin (Martii) pointed me to this RAW conversion program. It does run under Linux and Windows XP/2000. No mention of Vista or Mac.

The screen shots look nice, but I haven’t tried it yet. Shall I cover this program in a show? It doesn’t seem to be open source, but free to download. Where shall I draw the line?

HINT: There is a Donation button on his site. Use it, if you like the software.

11 thoughts on “Raw Therapee – Experimental RAw Photo Editor

  1. Hello Rolf,

    my first impression on Raw Therapee was that it is a powerful tool but without any useable workflow. So if you find out how to use it efficiently and are happy with it developing some photos, a video tutorial might be a good help for some users.

    Thank you for the good tutorials – I started learning Gimp and they are a great help.

    Best regards – Ischa Freimarkt


  2. After seeing ufraw I felt ready to try Raw Therapee. It covers much more compared to ufraw, feels faster. Has workflow history – so I can save it and then use it. Reads ICC profiles, much nicer interface compared to ufraw. For example you can have Picture in Picture like window with 100% crop. I like it 🙂

  3. And if you like it please Donate. It’s just $5 (or more if you feel that way) to give author some support. This software is worth much more than $5.

  4. I did try it but I have been spending more time with ufraw lately. I will go back and have another look at it. If I remember there were a couple things I wasn’t really happy about. I will let you know if I remember what they were.

    Regards pete

  5. Giulio, that was my gut feeling also.

    I draw a line for this project. Mentioning closed source software is OK in the show and in the blog (I wish Gábor all the best for his project – and if you use his software, fork over some money) , but I’ll cover only software in the videos that is free as in GPL, BSD or similar licenses.

    That plugin looks really good – I heard about it but had forgotten that it exists. Put on the list.

  6. I was googling after “RAW Therapee” and “Mac” … to end up here. 😉

    GIMP with UFRaw is great, thanks to ” http://wilber-loves-apple.org/ ” The GIMP and UFRaw run perfectly (and easy installable!) on Mac OS X / MacMini … but UFRaw can only handle/preview/open one RAW-file at a time. RAWShooter (gone in glory, eaten up by Adobe to be come expensive PayWare) showed the way for a nice and intuitive user-interface … RAW Therapee uses it even more beautiful (the list of photos/files _under_ the main window) … but couldn’t it be possible to implement such an interface in UFRaw or sort of? Or did I miss any GPLware / FreeWare programm covering this?


  7. I too would like to see an episode on GREYCstoration – I found out about this software quite a while ago but have not taken the time to try it out yet.

    I also would like to encourage you to stick with open source software – aside from all the philosophical reasons I think it is part of the feel of this show. This show certainly helps to fill a gap in the software world as well – good documentation and tutorials!

  8. First things first, love the videocast. I have always been a little daunted by the GIMP and you have made it much more accessible. I am excited to continue learning at your feet.
    It sounds like you already made a decision not do a video on Raw Therapee. If you are still considering it I would love to see one. I have just started using it and it seems like a really powerful and quite flexible tool. An alternative would be to have a little comparison episode about the differences between UFRAW and Raw Therapee.
    In any case keep up the great work.

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