Progress by Accident

On my way to bed I stumbled across a blog post by Michael Natterer (Mitch), one of the core developers of GIMP. Øyvind Kolås (Pippin) and he tinkered around with the GIMP core and GEGL. By accident (or sheer genius) they found a way to integrate GEGL into the ancient GIMP core. “After a few hours of hacking, Pippin had the GimpTileBackendTileManager working, and I went ahead replacing some legacy code with GEGL code, using the new backend. And it simply worked!”. Well, it took some weeks from that to get a lot of stuff adapted to GEGL. “What was planned as a one week visit turned into 3 weeks of GEGL porting madness. At the time this article is written, about 90% of the GIMP application’s core are ported to GEGL, and the only thing really missing are GeglOperations for all layer modes.”

I just glanced over it (on my way to bed – ALARM at 0600 – that’s in 6:44hours…. 😉 ) but there is this promising sentences in there: “GIMP 2.10’s core will be 100% ported to GEGL, and all of the legacy pixel fiddling API for plug-ins is going to be deprecated. Once the core is completely ported, it will be a minor effort to simply “switch on” high bit depths and whatever color models we’d like to see.”


Mitch asks for support of the Libre Graphics Meeting – shower them in money! This is one of thew hubs of GIMP progress. And I want it to run fast! 😉

PS: Next show is in the works.

2 thoughts on “Progress by Accident

  1. Just got acquainted with your videos and they’re really good, I’ve finally understand color curves and learned a bit more about selections and masks. Congratulations from Portugal!

    Rui Pedro

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