Pen Pal anyone? ;-)

I need (EDIT: Not now – schedule changes….) some one-time pen pals for my class – more later down in the post.

Fist about the next show. I put way too much time into trying to convert Nachbarnebenan’s Photivo/Gimp video into something that Cinelerra would eat. He has a new microphone, sound is well, tutorial well done – and the framerate changes all the time. No audio sync, wrong sync and at last a version with perfect sync that kills Cinelerra (and the whole system) 5 minutes into the video. I found that out after editing for quite a while – lots to do in the first minutes.

I started to record a show today but put too much on my plate GIMP wise – new try tomorrow.

Pen Pals!

I have to teach English in my class for some weeks. One lesson only per week, so no big deal. But I got the idea to have the kids answer some real letters from real persons – not only these fake ones out of the text book.

If you want to help me, send my class a short letter from your hometown, perhaps with an image or two in it. The kids are 13 to 14, learning English in their 4th year. Most come from migrant families (Turkish, Arab, Vietnamese), English is their third language. Some are starting to tackle French now too. So please don’t torture them with too high brow English, but they should be able to read more than Kindergarten level. And they have the Oxford dictionary….   😉

Most of them know basically only Berlin-Neukölln, TV and perhaps the hometown of their parents. Everyday stuff will be interesting for them, your street, your local attractions, where do the kids hang out….

You can mail your contribution as a text editor file (Libre Office can import a lot) or as a pdf to . I’ll print that for the kids. Or if you have still envelopes, stamps and so on, write to “Alfred-Nobel-Schule, Klasse 8d, Britzer Damm 164, 12347 Berlin, Germany”.


Of course you’ll get an answer from the kids!

Thank You!

Anything to add from your side of the computer?

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