New Krita Videos – and a Kickstarter to help Krita

Ramón Miranda has published 4 short Krita tutorial videos as a support of the Kickstarter campaign to accelerate Krita development.

Krita is a Digital painting application for artists created by artists and is available for Linux and Windows. Maybe MacOS in future. It’s one of the Kickstarter goals for overfunding.

If you like Krita, throw some money at them. Money is so unpersonal, but it helps a lot. 😉 The intended 24 goals are on the web site of Kickstarter – and they look really worth to have!

Krita Kickstarter

Krita tip 01. Monotone image with Transparency Masks

Krita tip 02. Color curves with filter masks

Krita tip 03. Texturize your images. The easy way

Krita tip 04 Digital color mixer

Don’t forget that I’ll give away a copy of the Muses DVD by Ramón Miranda – if you want it, put a comment below Episode 199!

Episode 200 is under way, progress report are on the top of the side bar!

8 thoughts on “New Krita Videos – and a Kickstarter to help Krita

  1. Gimp needs a kickstarter campain and developers the most, out of any Linux application!. Still waiting for 32bit floating point in Gimp. Will I see this in my lifetime?. Or should I just give in and dump Linux. Get a Mac with OSX and use Photoshop CC, for something that should have been in Gimp decades ago. When I use Darktable I do not want to convert my 16 bit Tiff images to 8bit every time I use Gimp.

  2. I don´t know how the timescale works on the GIMP software development, but I do know that even 64 bit imaging is already developed in beta stage in 2.9.

  3. 逆向直销,震撼来袭:



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