A long time ago we had a tutorial by Bert about autostereoscopic images. Now I got pointed to these beauties. All hand drawn and very impressive.

The class trip was great, the kids behaved quite reasonably for being around 14 and we had enough wine for the night watch. 😉 The weather was less good as announced while we had indoor activities but turned to sunshine the moment we started our bike ride and other outdoor sports. I found out that I am not that bad as an archer.

4 thoughts on “Monsters!

  1. Any pics of you shooting arrows? As an archer myself I’d be interested to see what you were shooting with and at.

    • Hmm, I think he won’t have had much time before and I don’t think you want to see his targets _after_ he hit them… 😉

    • No image from me, not even many of the kids. Sorry, can’t show them. I spent that time mostly with calling kids off for trying to shoot them self in the foot or worse. 😉

      We had a wide variety of bows from wooden longbow to modern recurve bows. Even two crossbows.

      I had only time for 4 shots – one for “training” and 3 for “competition”. Got them all on the target, 11 points together. But I fear the distance was not according to Olympic standards, more like 10m or so….. I put an image of the target into the posting, obviously not my result.

      And I killed some empty Yogurt containers with the cross bow. 😉

      The event was organized by Annette Tunn, once World Champion and several times National Champion. Great fun.

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