Links 191-192

Not so many links this time, I forgot to take notes…..

There was a meeting of GIMP guys at the LGM 2013 and Michael Schumacher took some notes. I like especially the part about getting good knowledge about GIMP out.

Pat David published some time ago a method to average images with ImageMagik. I stole one of his new results to illustrate this posting. A bit creepy, but you should have a look at his Playboy centerfold collection!

Really dry, with a blue suit and tie – but gooood! IBM has a nice introduction to Scribus, “the” Free and Open Source Desktop Publishing Program.

Not sure which Creative Commons License to choose? Petapixel has a graphic guide.

Rosie Hardy is a professional photographer and uses GIMP. Libre Graphics World shows some of her dreamy self portraits. She sells tutorial DVDs, BTW…….

This exhibition in Berlin sounds interesting, It’s not Nikon, but I’ll have a look.

And a new camera design, stolen from the bugs. (Thanks, Bob!)




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