I am back!

Life threw some interesting stuff in my direction – mostly positive – that consumed a lot of my time and attention. But now I have some capacity to come back to this project.

It will take some time for the next video. First I have to rebuild my production pipeline – and that is an interestimg task too. My favorite video editor Cinelerra crashes all the time – I have to learn Blender for editing. And then there is the screen recording with a lot of newoptions and some nice new ways to encode video…..

30 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. “My favorite video editor Cinelerra crashes all the time – I have to learn Blender for editing.”
    Have you ever tried kdenlive? I have been using it for quite some time now and has become a stable and complete video editor for my needs.

  2. Good to hear everything’s alright with you. People had started to get really worried, now we can all breath a sigh of relief…

  3. Hello Rolf,

    Wow, great news! I’m looking forward to see new episodes of my favorite entertainment show!

    Regarding the video editors, I tried recently openshot (http://openshot.org/) and shotcut (https://www.shotcut.org/). While openshot seemed to be also not quite stable (although powerfull) shotcut left a good impression to me. I know you prefer GNOME, but kdenlive (https://kdenlive.org/, which obviously arises from KDE, but runs well under GNOME as well) seemed to me the most intuitive and also powerfull videoeditor.

    Best regards,


    • I installed all three. 😉

      Openshot looks terrific and very intuitive, but up to now I am missing one option: cut a piece out and let the rest from the right snap to the end. Seems to be called “ripple cut”.

      Shotcut does that quite good, just “s” at the start and end of the segment and then “x” and it’s gone.

      Kdenlive has that option too, “i” and “o” to mark the cuts and then “shift-x” to get rid of the segment.

      Only Openshot didn’t crash while I played around…. 😉 But I did some strange stuff.

  4. If Cinelerra crashes, you can send an e-mail to and all users subscribed to our mailing list will get it.
    E-Mail is our main medium of communication.

    Our mailing list brings both developers and users together. It is basically a forum, where users send mails to each other.


    • I was on that list some time ago. 🙂 Just now I can’t even get an easy install on my system. Debian Multimedia has dropped the CV version and the one that is there is missing a lot of features and codecs. Compiling from source has always been a dependency nightmare – and the other programs have become so much better in the meantime. For me Kdenlive or Shotcut will be good enough.

      I also dabbled a bit with blender – very powerful but a very steep learning curve.

  5. I was just passing through and realized your making new content. Great! I look forward to seeing what you do 😉

    PS. I second taking a peak at Kdenlive

  6. Welcome back, Rolf. I’m your new fan and I’m watching the old stuff. It’s great to see the program continue growing 🙂

  7. Wow, I am glad to see you back, Rolf. Although I do not use GIMP that much anymore, I still occasionally checked your site. I just like your podcasts, or should I say vlog nowadays, to keep me informed and up to date.

Anything to add from your side of the computer?