Happy Birthday, “Meet the GiMP!”

I thought it would be to- morrow – but I checked and it’s exactly one year ago today that I published the first video.

And for cele- brations i have set up a forum for the dis- cussions that are now hidden in the comments. Let’s try out if this works – I can always close it. 😉

I think we should keep the discussion about specifics of an episode in the comments and do all the other stuff in the forum.

There is an additional board hidden from guests and normal users, where I’ll plan the episodes.

And of course, if you write something brilliant, I’ll steal it for the show or the blog. 😉

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, “Meet the GiMP!”

  1. From an organizational point of view I would not allow comments here (at the episode posting) but rather have a link to a forum thread; one for each episode and/or posting.

    The advantage is that all comments/conversations are in one location and can easily be searched using a search tool as well.

    The disadvantage is that (presumably) one would need an account to comment whereas now anyone can comment. Along the same lines I would imagine fewer people would comment feeling it too much trouble to head over to the forums (despite a link in each episode to the relevant forum thread.

    So this is not a recommendation but rather a few things to consider.

    …oh yeah and congratulations : )

  2. @DRB: I thought about that and came to the conclusion to use both. Comments here for the direct stuff concerning the posting (and all the praise… 😉 ). where it is visible for the “Oh, sorry, I am just looking…” people. And it’s easy to drop off a comment or a trackback.

    The forum for the in depth stuff. And that will be a small crowd I think. But with threads and search tools in the forum the discussion can go way deeper than in the comments here. And perhaps it becomes a good source of information.

    I put the bar high for getting in with the “I agree” screen, the captcha and the mail confirmation to keep the spammers out. So only really interested people will come in.

    I take some pride in the subscriber numbers, just now they are about 100 below the “Pod feed Top 100” list – and creeping slowly up. But I don’t “need” high forum traffic for my ego.

    For me it’s a tool for planning the shows with a chance of getting input before I make a blunder 😉 , keeping track of ideas and skimming your brains for ideas. You wouldn’t gues how much traffic (and subcribers? 🙂 ) a posting like the “Compile 2.5.2” generates.

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations.
    From Cakovec, Croatia 🙂

  4. Congratulations and keep going! You are doing a great podcast and open source community needs that kind of stuff.

    Also Cakovec, Croatia 😉

  5. Hertzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, MeetTheGimp 🙂

    Congrats Rolf and keep the good work!! One more year to world domination…

    Take care


  6. С днем рождения, MeetTheGimp 🙂
    Один из самых лучших обучающих видео по OpenSource ПО
    Респект, товарищи!!!

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