Good Bad images please!

I am planning an episode about editing images out of cheap cameras and phones. My phone takes technically really decent images and I have given away all my old digital cameras. All I have is too good for this. 😉

If you have an image that is suffering from “not so good” camera quality, either from a phone or a cheap camera, and let me take a shot at it, please mail it to or put a link to them in the comments. Thanks!

Legal notice: By sending me the image you give me the rights to use them in the show and publish them in the companion file under under CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

Now I am off to visiting some friends in Bremen. Next show next week!

(The original image used in this post was made by Moose G. and is published under CC-SA 2.0. Click on the image to go to the original. )

One thought on “Good Bad images please!

  1. Bad images can be found on this page of wikimedia:

    I visit this page regularly to clean up images. Knock yourself out ;).

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