Good Book about Blender coming up – get 40% off until Feb 28!

The book is a great introduction into the creation of static Blender scenes. Motion with armatures and animation is not covered. But you can get that online in a lot of places.

This book is unique in its inclusion of the creative process. It follows three projects (a Mayan temple, a bat winged humanoid and the robotic spider from the title) from first pencil sketch to the final rendering. Each chapter covers one stage of the process and does that for each of the three projects. It even contains a good introduction into GIMP for creating textures. It shows that the author Ben Simonds is not a developer but a professional 3D artist.

I have (speed) read through my review copy of the PDF and am waiting for my paper copy to start to play a bit with Blender again.

With a code you can get 40% off until Feb 28. That would be around $30 for the print copy and the e-Books. Not bad.

A review of this book will be in Episode 187 on Feb 26. If you view that episode before the 28th you can decide after looking over my shoulder into the PDF.

(So much NoStarch titles here? Well, Jessica from their marketing has my mail address and offers to throw books at me quite often. And if they fit into the wide scope of Meet the GIMP, I’ll accept. Except for the free book I get nothing for the review – and I have no obligations to like them or tell only good stuff. If other publishers want to throw books in my direction to break the NoStarch dominace, just drop a mail at 😉 )

10 thoughts on “Good Book about Blender coming up – get 40% off until Feb 28!

  1. The last entry I see in Sage 1.4.13 feed reader ist number 172… I have to go to by hand every single time… =(

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  3. Here is an updated version of the script:

    I’ve added the shadows to the title and date text; I must have had those layers hidden on your XCF file when writing the script. I’ve also added an option to export the result to a PNG file, but I’m not sure if that is what you want (or perhaps you’d rather the name be automatically generated from the episode title/number).

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    • Fine with me, I see all the comments in the feed. 🙂 Thanks for the script, I’ll look at it on the weekend. First I have to design two tests for the kids tomorrow, they will feel my wrath. 😉

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