GIMP Team gives in to constant nagging!

mtc-logoAs the usually well informed Steve Czajka from the GIMP Magazine reports in a special issue, the GIMP Team has started to rebrand the project. The name GIMP wasn’t professional sounding enough to reach the self defined goal of building a program that fulfills the demands of graphic professionals.

The GIMP Magazine has already changed it’s design. I will follow when I have secured the new domain names, implemented the name server changes and updated the web server for the former GIMP Magazine and Meet the ???????.

They could have announced that a bit earlier…..

10 thoughts on “GIMP Team gives in to constant nagging!

  1. No April joke, just look at the GIMP Magazine site. Or call +1-985-655-2500 and join the conference call of the developers. Just now they are discussing if they really should use “Chimp” or better follow the Darktable way and name the project “PicEmporium”.

  2. I am surprised they didn’t also resolve the Save vs Export problem by changing so that instead of saving/exporting you just save core dumps and forcing users to do editing with a hex editor!

    • 🙂

      I spent some time today with a hex editor and image files. Learned a bit about JPEG. But this is not my preferred way to edit an image. 😉

      (I hope I got all of the typos.)

  3. Oh no! Is this name change for real? I’m in the process of creating a Gimp based website and I’m quite far into the project. This could mean heavy changes!

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