Get Episodes 1 – 100 as a Torrent

dvd_meetthegimp-dvd1_smallJesús David Navarro has made a DVD torrent from the first 100 episodes of Meet the GIMP. The sites language is Spanish but the button below the entry with the wave on it downloads the torrent file.

If you have a torrent client running and some disk space and upstream traffic to share  – please put this on to your machine. Just now it is terribly slow, but only one machine seeding.

And if you understand Spanish – have a look at the other things on that page, it looks like a really good collection of free educational material about all things graphics. Starting with PDF manuals and not ending with video podcasts.

20 thoughts on “Get Episodes 1 – 100 as a Torrent

  1. Btw, if you already got the first 100 episodes, you don’t need to download them again to support the torrent. Just place them into a directory called meet-the-gimp_dvd01 (wonder how many are to come if the number is already two-digit…) and you are fine.

  2. You do not need to even have the first 100, any number will do. The ones you do have will upload whilst you download the ones you don’t. If you don’t want to download but only upload, most clients have an option to allow this.

    As stated above you need to place them in the correct directory. It is usually easiest to start the torrent, stop it after a minute or so, copy all your files into the directory overwriting the newly created ones and then “verify the local data”or something similar depending on client.

    I seem to only have less than half (although I have watched them all) but can happily upload for the next couple of days

  3. vortigern, nice to see you again!

    It works also with symlinks, I begin to understand this torrent stuff. All the videos are there, now only the zips have to be renamed.

    Has somebody the bash line at hand?

    Rename mtg???.zip to meetthegimp???.zip

  4. Ohh!! This is a wonderful idea. I had a guilty conscience every time I downloaded a lot of episodes at once. Now I only nee to make some space on the HD.

  5. I think the command would be
    rename mtg meetthegimp mtg*.zip

    It changes the “mtg” PART to “meetthegimp” for all files matching the pattern.


  6. You can freely download it – it is now completely seeded by our server and also some others.

    BTW, renaming was done with “rename -v ‘s/mtg/meetthegimp/’ mtg*.zip” – this needs a PERL regular expression.

  7. Thanks Rolf! Real life intervened I’m afraid, but I have kept up with all the shows. I’m hoping to do a lot more photography again now.

  8. Wonderful idea, I’ve added as well, but right now it looks like it will take five days to DL! (I’m sure that’s not true . . . torrents always seem to start slowly)

  9. I have downloaded the torrent and just watched a few videos. I have known about GIMP for a long while, but have just recently decided to learn it. Although my goals with GIMP are more focused on design than pre-existing images, I find your video tutorials great and I appreciate the effort you put forth to bring these tutorials to the open source community.

  10. Hi, now the torrent’s doing fine. Must be some holy seeders who do their jobs well 🙂
    Just like nachbarnebenan & vortigem said: have started it, fully stopped, then added the ~20 tutorials I already had in the created folder and restarted it. Present rate is 40/350KB, with 4 leechers and 4 pure seeders.
    BTW, just into Rolf’s video tutorials. It’s been ages i wanted to get into them but just found the time this week end. Loooooove it 😀

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