Focus Ring – Episode 10

The new Focus Ring is out. I listened to it while we recorded it 😉 – and it was quite interesting. If someone finds the “Fotogehn” photomarathon interesting – there will be another in spring here in Bremen. I’ll announce it here and in the show when the booking starts.

This week we have Chris Marquardt (Tips from the Top Floor), Martin Bailey (Martin Bailey Photography Podcast), Rolf Steinort (Meet the Gimp) & Ibarionex Perello (The Candid Frame). We discuss “switching roles”, autumn colors, leaving the camera at home & shooting with others.

You find the full shownotes and the link for the mp3 at the Photocast Network.

One thought on “Focus Ring – Episode 10

  1. That was good to listen. Some nice hints. The one I liked was Rolf’s about going to places without camera. Many times I felt urge to take a photo and stopped enjoying the place itself. This is bad. Now I try to take less pictures – just few months ago I was behaving like Japanese people shooting like crazy anything anywhere 😉

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