Episode 167: Exporting Grumpy Bears

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This Blog needed a header image – and it still needs a lot of header images to rotate through. So I created one out of an image of a Berlin Subway station. Nothing much new in here – rotating, cropping to the needed aspect ratio, a bit of curves for better contrast and colours, scaling and sharpening. Finally I added a text layer with the image credits.

If you want your image on top of the blog – make one (1000 × 288 pixels) and send it to me at info@meetthegimp.org!

But before that I took a little excursion into Shotwell again and explored the Flickr export function. On the day of the last show, Shotwell released a new version. So it’s no need to compile the trunk code – just download the full package.

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19 thoughts on “Episode 167: Exporting Grumpy Bears

    • You are right, the typeset is horrible. It was an afterthought when I finished the image up and got the idea of crediting the contributing photographer (of whom I hope to have a lot). I’ll fix that when I clean up the edge.

      The link to the font project is cool. I was surprised that a font can be that old and modern in the same time.

      This image is one of my favorites with my new X100. I am glad you like it.

  1. Hey Rolf, I really had to rack my brain how you made 167.jpg with its fractale structure (it reminds me of my childhood when I was fascinated and puzzled by the packing of Rotkäppchen Camembert that also had an “impossible” image on it that is repeated by itself). So how did you made this????

    • Yes, I remembered that cheese and Steinhäger Schnaps that my father bought sometimes. Got the idea and knew instantly how to do it.

      But I’ll reveal that in the next episode.

      Only as much: You need a Neutrino screenshot. 😉

    • I don’t know how to do it in Gimp, except with a plugin, but the algorithm is not difficult: Define a region in an image that should contain a copy of the image itself. Copy the scaled down image in there, then scale the coordinates of the region as well and repeat until the region reaches 1×1 pixel size. Make sure to always copy the _entire_ image up to this point in there.

        • I really don’t know what this script does in detail and what these parameters do. You can take it out of the Wiki and try it.

          For other stuff than screencasts I assume that you have to increase the value for VIDEO_BITRATE from 200 to something larger. Make a short video and encode it with the script with larger and larger values.

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  3. I thought this was a really good episode. There was variety which is fine but what caught my attention was the invitation for a header. The suggested Gimp fixes were easy but the message was – present your work or go out and take your camera for a walk … and it could well be seen …. all very positive.

    I see that some nice images have already appeared … nice effort from everyone 🙂

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      • The requested URL /mtg167.zip was not found on this server.
        Save as: Downloaded file is 292kb? Its bad size and bad archive. View inside the file is html:

        404 Not Found

        Not Found
        The requested URL /mtg167.zip was not found on this server.

        Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) Server at dl.meetthegimp.org Port 80

        Any idea for download this file? Please reupload.

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