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G’MIC is a lot of things that do stuff with images. You have a stand alone program with a complete image manipulation and analysis programming language, an online service and a GIMP plugin that gives easy access to (nearly) the whole package. Don’t get G’MIC from other sources than their pages – the update cycle is so fast that package maintainers can’t keep up. The version recorded in the video is already outdated twice at the time of the publication.

G’MIC is mostly developed by Dr. David Tschumperlé of the GREYC, an institute at the University of Caen in France that is also part of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research). So definitely no hobbyist project.

I met David and his friend and colleague Jérôme – also a scientist AKA Dr. Jérôme Boulanger – at the LGM in Leipzig. Very nice guys! See Pat David’s wonderful blog post for more images and a report.

You can find information about G’MIC at their site in the very good and complete manual, at YouTUBE from G’MIC and David, at Pat David’s Blog and all over the Internets.

The second part of the video is a promotion for Ramón Miranda‘s very good training DVD “Muses”. It goes through the whole process of learning Krita – a graphics program under Linux and Windows, which is much better for painters than GIMP – up to finishing a real digital painting. You can buy the DVD at the Krita shop, 32.50€ is comparable to other kinds of such DVDs and the proceeds support the Krita Foundation.

I got this one for free – and I will give it away! If you want to have it, write a comment to this blog post before Episode 200 is published. Get your mail address right (it will only be visible to me) and mention that you want the DVD. After the deadline I’ll have some supposedly innocent children draw a winner.


00:00:00 Start of video
00:01:10 Installing the G’MIC Plugin for GIMP
00:03:00 Installing and using G’MIC as a stand alone program
00:10:00 G’MIC Online service
00:10:40 Using the G’MIC GIMP Plugin
00:13:40 Pencil Drawing emulation as an example
00:18:10 Film emulations and grain as an example
00:25:15 Spectral filters – Fourrier included
00:26:20 Plotting Graphs with G’MIC
00:26:50 Conclusion
00:29:20 Ramon Miranda’s Krita tutorial DVD
00:33:10 EOF

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28 thoughts on “Episode 199: G’MIC

  1. Does getting in first with a comment hold any sway with supposedly innocent children? I guess not, but I would still make use of the training DVD, Now I am not so mobile I have been looking at art programmes like Krita, and need all the help I can get.

    Love the show, G’mic has also been a mystery, I got some great results by accident with some very poor scans of old photographs, I did not think I would ever get them up to a level where I could post them but Gmic helped, if only I knew how!

  2. I’ve been using G’MIC from it’s beginning and GRAYCstoration before that. David’s given all GIMPers a wonderful gift and folk don’t even realize the power that G’MIC gives GIMP; only a fraction that use it knows this. I pretty much use some feature within the GIMP G’MIC plug for every edit that I do. Thanks a heap again to David and the folk at GRAYC. 🙂

  3. GMIC is a wonderful tool to work with. I normally use it on my paintings to add more richness to the colors I use.

    Thanks for the video! I didn’t know about montage, now I want to learn using it!

    I’m interested in getting the DVD of Muses to learn from Ramon Miranda. Thanks 😀

  4. When trying to do a Fourier Transform I get this message
    *** Error in ./gimp_fourier/ *** Command ‘-endlocal’: Not associated to a ‘-local’ command within the same scope.
    Any ideas?
    It would be nice to think that I could win the draw for the DVD

    • No ideas, but I have pointed David to this.

      Installed the newest version? Tried to switch it on and off? 😉

      • Thanks Rolf,
        I got onto the GimpChat site yesterday and got a very quick response. The filter had broken but it was just a matter of updating it and it now work fine.

  5. Thanks for 199 fascinating articles on theGimp. Funny how you used G’Mic to add grain to your photo. I frequently use G’Mic for eliminating noise and grain in my photos with Enhancement Smooth (anisotropic). Looking forward to learning about 3d printing, even though I’m struggling with 2D printing and color management.

    • You will not struggle with my way of 3D printing. I am pulling your leg a little bit with this announcement. 😉

      I will look into denoising with GMIC in a later video and try that way. Can you send me a recipe (your settings), please? info@meetthegimp.org

  6. Really nice video, i think g’mic is also really really interesting for noise reduction (i often use bilateral for skies with a mask) and detail enhancement (for example details-deblur to save not so well focused images, would be cool to have also an anti motion blur feature like focus magic plugin for ps).

    There is also octave sharpening that you covered in an old video and a really powerful unsharp mask, much more powerful than the gimp one.

    When using film presets Film Emulation – Collages gives a nice idea of the various film presets that makes the choice(s) easier.

    • Yes, David has created something really cool here. Much to explore.

      I will look into denoising and more with GMIC in a later video and try that way. Can you send me a recipe for the stuff you do (your settings), please? info@meetthegimp.org

  7. Hello Rolf, This is Andras from Finland. I am following your podcast in xbmc media center plugin on TV. Excellent tutorials! Will certainly check gmic plugin whenever I have some time. I wonder how much free time you have making these videos 🙂 /I assume you have no kids 🙂 /. And please put my name on the list of the Krita DVD draw. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • No kids, right, the hundreds at school are enough. 😉

      Each episode takes 8 to 10 hours of direct work, and then the web site and planning stuff and so on. So there goes my free time. But it is a lot of fun.

  8. Please enter me in the draw for the Krita DVD, many thanks Rolf for all your hard work.

    I’ve played with G’MIC before but got lost in the options and settings so it’s nice to see what you did with it. Strangely, I quite like the digital noise produced in-camera, maybe I’m just before my time.
    There is a bit in G’MIC that stores previous functions you’ve used that I think is worth a mention. Makes it easier to do the same things over again.
    Great tips from the comments too, especially Giulio’s use of Collages to compare different settings against each other. I’d really like to see that in action.

  9. Hi Rolf!
    I’m from Uruguay. I follow your episodes and learn a lot about Gimp thanks to you.
    I would like to participate in the draw of the DVD.
    Best regards.

  10. Hi Rolf,

    I’ve just started following your tutorials. I’ve been looking at G’MIC for a while now, but doubted whether I’d be able to make good use of it’s filters and functionality in my workflow. Now I know otherwise. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to share your knowledge here.

    Please put me in the running for Ramon’s DVD, and I love your reference to Mcnulty (at 18:40 in the video). I was addicted to ‘The Wire’ for five seasons.

  11. Does anyone know why Rolf is not writing from a while in this blog?
    Is he occupied in a demanding job, or perhaps ill?
    If someone is in touch with him, or knows something about him being mute here, please inform. Thanks.
    You know, after listening and learning from all his posts from a long time and not knowing him personally, is like a relationship with a very dear friend is broken.

    • Thanks for caring!

      I am getting fine again, had much work, some health trouble (nothing nasty) and a general bleak outlook on life in general. And a mountain of stuff to do for the glorious Episode 200 which seemed to grow bigger and bigger and pointless.

      Working on all of these issues. 🙂

      • Glad to make a post here. Hope you’re wellness is growing more each day! I and I’m sure many, many others are looking forward to #200 and more. You have been and continue to be an invaluable help as one of the best teachers and friend ever.

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