Episode 183: Dynamics!

Download the Video! (20:20 40.5MB)
In the last episode was a short segment about the brush dynamics in Ramon Miranda’s GIMP Paint Studio. I wanted to read up a bit about this, but the GIMP documentation hasn’t held step with the development here.

So this video shows my exploration of the brush dynamics control. The possibilities are limitless, it seems.

The show starts with another GIMP theme by samj and a big misunderstanding. You can find everything about it at Gimp Chat.


00:30 A dumb thing to do
01:10 The license for all Meet the GIMP stuff
03:00 Another GIMP theme by samj
03:50 Mice, Trackballs and Tablets
04:20 Absolute positioning
05:00 Modes of a tablet – pressure
06:10 … velocity, direction, tilt
08:00 … random
08:20 … fade
09:15 You started tablet training as a toddler
09:50 Setting up a tablet in GIMP
11:00 The pressure curve
12:45 Tablet sizes
13:30 Mapping matrix – controlable features of a brush
16:40 Dynamic curves control
18:40 A special non repetitive brush

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