Episode 180: Not for Grown Ups!

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Tuxpaint is a painting software for kids between 3 and 100+. Well, the targeted audience ends at an age of 12, but it is still fun to use when you are older. Tuxpaint is available for Linux, Mac OS X and all Windows flavours. Of course it is under the GPL and so free to get and to be shared. The ease of use beats everything I have seen in the professional educational market and I am considering to get it into my school.

The user interface and availability of tools in Tuxpaint can be configured to adapt to the skill level of the user and the level of annoyance the environment is willing to tolerate. There are nice sound effects, but how often can you stand


Also printing can be disabled because space on the fridge and ink cartridges have limits. The configuration is done with a separate program which can be kept outside of the reach of the little end-user.

The show starts and ends with some information about the upcoming GIMP Magazine. I am somehow involved in the team now but I promise to keep my priorities on this project here.

And then there is an invasion of goats int GIMP and 16 bits and more are in reach.

If you want to become a member of the forum, just drop me a mail at info@meetthegimp.org and tell me your intended user name.


01:00 GIMP Magazine
02:00 Goat Invasion – GIMP will get a lot of progress soon
03:00 16 and 32 Bit already running in the Goat Invasion branch
05:10 Tuxpaint
05:55 Setting Tuxpaint up
09:00 The Toolset
10:00 Painting and brushes
11:10 Lines
11:45 New canvas
12:20 Shapes
13:35 Stamps
16:40 Text
17:30 Magic! (scripts and filters in a mixed bag)
20:20 Saving and recovering images
20:40 Templates for coloring
22:50 GIMP Magazine

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