Episode 177: Take 2 and GIMP!

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Nachbarnebenan continues his tutorial from the last episode. He isolated his model from the a bit to vivid background by making two images from his RAW file. One is crisp and colourful – best for the model. The other one is soft and a bit dull – this tones the background down.
In this episode he combines them to one image with a layer mask.

Did you know that there is a filter in GIMP to emulate the look of an image for colour blind people? Nachbarnebenan shows how to use it. It’s no so important for photography – but think of all the graphics work done with GIMP. By using this filter you can make a difference in accessibility

If you want to get into programming plugins for GIMP in Python – here is the link to this great HD video from Gimpusers.com.

And for the next episode you’ll need a Trench coat and dark glasses – we’ll enter the Stasi headquaters at night.

Sorry, no TOC up to now, but at around 15:30 is the great segment about GIMP and colour blindness.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 177: Take 2 and GIMP!

  1. Hmm, it seems I didn’t explain it good enough and some people got confused.
    I hope this will clear it up:

    The display viewing filters only affect what you see on the screen in Gimp, e.g. what is rendered into the gl/x11 buffer. It has no influence on the actual image data itself and is also not saved with the image into the xcf file. It’s purely a session-specific setting.

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