Episode 176: Double Photivo

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It’s time for a guest again. Nachbarnebenan shows how to process a RAW image in the current (well, it was November…) version of Photivo. Photivo has a very different approach to image processing from GIMP and others. It’s more stacking up and tweaking of algorithms instead of making a series of changes one after the other. Fully non destructive and very powerful.

To isolate the model from the a bit to vivid background Nachbarnebenan produces two images from his RAW file. One is crisp and colourful – best for the model. The other one is soft and a bit dull – this tones the background down.
In the next episode he will show how to combine these two images in GIMP into one.

I am still looking for “Bad Good Images” from Phones and other not so good cameras!

Sorry, no TOC up to now.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 176: Double Photivo

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  2. Here’s a TOC:

    Episode 176: Double Photivo
    00:25 Welcome – This episode about Photivo by nachbarnebenan
    01:07 Photivo – how it looks
    02:22 File management
    06:18 The image we are working with – what we want to do to it
    09:00 Colour profile and white balance
    11:56 RGB section for exposure adjustments
    15:20 Lab Color/Contrast section for texture curve and color boost adjustments
    19:20 Lab Sharpen/Noise section for noise reduction and sharpening
    22:40 Eycandy section for colour enhancements
    24:10 Output section for sigmoidal contras
    25:00 Exporting
    27:10 Processing for the background
    32:53 To be continued
    33:00 Request for good-bad images
    34:04 The End

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