Episode 165: Vertigo

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You’ll get a bit dizzy this time. Nachbarnebenan is showing how to make a vertigo effect.

But before that I show off the results of a spending spree and have a link to a great video tutorial by Steve Czajka. He combines GIMP, Inkscape and Calligraphy into one well designed learning package. I hope there will be more! (If you can’t see the videos on his site – my Chromium shows just black fields, Firefox is working, try his Youtube Channel.)

And now a bit of Vertigo. Watch for the scenes where our Hero looks down the staircase. I have a bit of height anxiety and this scene scared me like nothing else the first time I saw this film.

To get this on film you need a camera with zoom lens, a dolly (that’s the tripod on rails) and a perfect coordination of focal length, dolly position, focal distance and aperture. Mr. Hitchcock had it perfect.

Doing it with a still camera needs only the zoom lens, two shots and some layer magic.

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  3. … bumpy … while editing #166 I just go a call from school – I have to substitute for a sick colleague an hour earlier today. Totally kills my schedule….

  4. Doesn’t that mean you get to go home an hour earlier today? There’s a limit on the number of hours you can teach a day, right?

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