Episode 016: And the Winner is…. / Frames and Tryptichs in a new Way

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In this show John Arnold from Photowalkthrough draws the winner of the triptych contest. Before that we talk about why you should also listen to his podcast and about a really nice workshop. I have to work at that time (May 5th to 7th), but otherwise I would have shelled out the money and gone there.

Then I’ll show you a new way to make a frame around an image or to do a triptych. It works with layer masks. The tip to do it that way was sent by Jason from New York.

Finally you’ll see all the triptychs made by you in a slideshow to the full lenth “Surreal in Vienna” by _Ghost – the music I use in the intro. More from _Ghost at ccmixter.


00:23 Welcome
00:34 Gimp 2.4
01:30 Meet The Gimp web site
03:28 Interview with John Arnold from Photowalkthrough
11:07 Alternative triptych method
13:00 – create a canvas
13:44 – add the images as layers
15:20 – scale the layers
19:50 – add a layer mask
20:40 – make the edges ragged
24:20 (Tip for guides)
25:05 – Change the composition by moving a layer
28:27 Triptych contest entries
33:12 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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7 thoughts on “Episode 016: And the Winner is…. / Frames and Tryptichs in a new Way

  1. Hey, this is a great show, I’ve been searching for video tutorials for the Gimp for a long time. Keep up the good work!

  2. I found another cool way to make borders for triptychs:
    1. put in your guidelines,
    2. On the Layer mask: use the Rectangle select Tool to make a rectangle around your guides,
    3. drag the transparent color (white) into the rectangle,
    4. without de-selecting the rectangle: Select any cool brush (like the vines),
    5. Choose the transparent color,
    6. Choose “Edit-> Stroke Selection”
    7. Use either the brush you selected or the solid color and patterns…
    (You can even get fancy and select-out a radius in the corners by clicking ctrl and drawing with the ellipse selection tool, etc…)

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  4. You should know that, holding the third mouse button while beeing over the picture (which is mostly pressing the mouse wheel like a mouse button) you can scroll the picture in all ways without leaving the point you where over…

    Alternatively, using the mousewheel scrolls up and down while shift+ mousewheel scroll scrolls left and right.
    Ctrl + mousewheel now zooms in and out like in all other programs…

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  6. Resharpening? Rolf, in episode 16 I noticed that you never resharpened the images after you scaled them down to fit into the triptych. I have that written down as one of your “golden rules” (always resharpen after rescaling and before you save). Was this something that was done outside the video? Or is resharpening not always needed after scaling? Thank you!

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