Episode 159: EMERGENCY!

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No, no real emergency here, just an emergency switch in a Berlin subway station. It needed some attention concerning colour and contrast to get it a bit more creepy.

I go through the whole image processing with cropping and changing the colours in several layers. Nothing new technically, but the basics about layer masks explained again.

The updated companion file contains also a version for GIMP 2.6. It’s the same, just without layer groups.


00:20 Hi! And some comments about the state of this project.
03:25 Cropping inside out
07:50 Automatic white balance
08:40 Adding a layer group
09:50 Curves to make weird colours
11:25 A second layer for colour adjustments
12:10 Generating a layer mask out of a colour channel and basic use of layer masks
20:05 More strange colours with the curves tool colour channels
22:00 New layer, same layer mask
23:50 Adjusting colours again with the curves tool …
25:20 .. but the threshold tool is better here
27:10 Add red to the writing
29:00 Clearing up

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6 thoughts on “Episode 159: EMERGENCY!

  1. Nice to see a show again, Rolf. Withdrawal symptoms are finally subsiding… 😉

    Is there a reason you didn’t start with UFRaw for this shot? Could’ve made some things easier.

  2. I can’t open the companion file, it says it says, “unsupported XCF file version 3 encountered.” Could you repost the XCF so that GIMP 2.6.11 can open it? Thanks!

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