Episode 153: Brocade

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[flattr /] Again a trip to Thailand with a wonderful candid shot made by Peter at a school festival. There is not much to enhance, just a crop, a bit of curves and the mutation of a blue trash bag into a gray one.

Before that I talk about bracketing and “dedicated” vs. “drive by” photography. And I present the next addition to our poor webserver – a Wiki for the collected wisdom of you all. Link sits in the menu box on the top of the right sidebar. Give it a try – reading and writing.


01:50 Bracketing to get the right exposure
04:30 Photo Session or Drive by Shooting
06:55 The MTG Wiki
14:15 School in Thailand
15:05 Decisions about blurring the background
16:20 Inside out crop
20:25 Copy the layer for backup
20:30 Curves adjusted
22:25 Removing colour with a saturation layer
25:30 Adjusting brightness with a value layer
26:50 Recap

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11 thoughts on “Episode 153: Brocade

  1. Hi,

    The “Playground / Sandbox” section of the Wiki is “Read Only”. I “think” this effectively disables its function but please correct me if I am mis-understanding.



  2. Yes, it not a lot an honestly some of the tilted looking is optical illusion I think , cause the back wall not square to viewpoint .
    This was the first vid I was thinking it might need some as most other vids you rotated and didn’t look to bad to me 🙂

    That 2.7.2 looks sweet now, to bad I am on windows an newest is 2.7.1 I could find ( binaries ) . Not a problem I can wait but looks real good, I like the way slider controls and layer groups are looks very interesting .

  3. Could somebody remind me how to make default layer name unbold. I know that there is a shortcut for this, but I forgot it :/

  4. @dave: You can’t do this by default. If the layer has no alpha channel its name will be shown bold. You can add an alpha channel by Layer/Transparency/Add Alpha Channel and set a keyboard shortcut for this if you want.

  5. Haha, perfect name for this cropping rule – “inversed butcher’s rule” – never heard that. My explanation for this is a little different by the way. If you crop at a knee, an elbow, the hip, the cervical, an ankle etc. you will loose the information where exactly the shown body part ends and the next begins. So in your example here you wouldn’t see the start of the lower leg anymore because the spot where the leg bends is cropped away. And our brain is made to extrapolate any clear line and pattern into the empty space. In easy words: the brain thinks that everything is sees also exists in areas it can’t see, as long as the experience goes ok with that (e.g. by looking out of a window and seeing only a small spot of the sky that is blue you expect the whole sky to be blue as well). Now back to our situation: the knee is cropped away, we see the straight line of the upper leg. The brain extends this – we know there has to be the knee somewhere but we don’t know where. Somehow the brain always extends the line a little longer than what would be good – resulting in very strange looking human proportions…

    • This explanation sounds perfectly plausible by all I know about perception. And I made the name for that “law” up in that moment, it was just an inspiration.

  6. Great work on the wiki reference section , really good in-depth info on each feature/workflow .
    I like that the vid # was referenced for further details on how to do it .

    Last week or so I viewed all vids and already was going, damn, which vid had X feature in (now I just check wiki) 🙂

    Nice work .

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