Episode 151: #150 reloaded!

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[flattr /] This week I am solving last weeks problem with a layer group. In #150 I painted over the saturation information without looking at the original data. This time I use Mathias’ method with a layer group. Layer groups are a cool new feature of GIMP 2.7. The work is not yet finished, but they are already usable. 2.7 is “mostly stable” now, you should consider the switch.

And I put again the hat on the street to collect money for the server costs for 2011. See the right sidebar for details.

Sorry, no TOC yet.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 151: #150 reloaded!

  1. I want to thank you for these videos. This is great work!

    I would like to request that tags be added to the videos/podcast. I downloaded the torrents and have a bunch of videos named meetthegimp***.mp4. This makes it hard to go to a specific subject. I have edited the tags on the videos I downloaded, but that doesn’t help the next person who will download them all. I used a mass tag editior to change things like Album=Meet the GIMP, Title=Subject matter, number of episodes i.e. 1 of 999 and year, season. Then they can be sorted in iTunes or other viewer. I’m not sure if the podcast subscription does this already.

  2. It’s TOC time

    Episode 151: #150 reloaded!
    00:25 Welcome – a re-think of Episode 150
    01:27 Re-cap of what happened in Episodes 150
    02:10 Make a new layer group for saturation control
    02:44 Add a new layer to the group using new from visible
    03:43 Add a new layer in soft-light mode
    03:58 Paint on the soft-light layer to adjust the saturation
    04:48 Checking the new method
    10:20 Try out Gimp 2.7
    11:20 Flattr and the server costs
    14:05 The End

Anything to add from your side of the computer?

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