Episode 133: The Power of a Book

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This week I have a challenge for you. Do my homework and edit my shot from our Samba Carneval. You’ll find the JPEG and the NEF (RAW image by a Nikon D200) of a shot I did from my window. It is not a good photograph but catches a beautiful moment. Improve the image, store it somewhere on the Internet and post a link to it in the comments. You can embed a small version of it in a comment, just copy the HTML code from 23, flickr or other sites. It should be there in a box to cut and paste.

Then I’ll tell you why you always shall set your camera settings to a defined standard state before you put your camera in the bag or cupboard. I didn’t and it has ruined a whole series of shots from this occasion.

Have you ever wondered how to make a selection with a zig-zag border? Well, if you have, I have the answer. (Stolen from Saul Goode, BTW 😉 ) I was reminded that a Quickmask is an image and so can be editied much better than a selection. Making waves and sawteeth into it then is “elementary”.

And finally I reveal how I built a dust free blackboard and chalk with GIMP. The blackboard from the “Basics” series looses its mystery.

I made a TOC and forgot to save it. 🙁

15 thoughts on “Episode 133: The Power of a Book

  1. Something needs to be done about torrent file:
    0 seeders
    6 leechers

    Last time I downloaded directly and then copied over torrent file and seeded alone. This time I cannot help out due to connection constraints.

  2. rtorrent gives me this on the server:

    [OPEN] 0.0 / 59.0 MB Rate: 0.0 / 0.0 KB Uploaded: 1862.4 MB [T R: 0.00]
    Inactive: Download registered as completed, but hash check returned unfinished chunks.
    * meetthegimp133.mp4
    * 0.0 / 31.0 MB Rate: 0.0 / 0.0 KB Uploaded: 0.0 MB [ 0%] –d –:– [T R: 0.00]
    * Tracker: [Tried all trackers.]

    Something is wrong. Who can walk me through this stuff?

  3. I have almost no time atm, so I can only offer a quick&dirty version. This is what first came into my mind when Rolf spoke about being focused on a book. Everything else almost vanishes.

    Just two layers out of ufraw. First one with correct wb (cloudy), the other manual (3000K), 50% reduced saturation and -1/2EV. Normal wb one sharpened with usm, the other one blurred. Layer mask added to the blurred one with a radial gradient.

  4. Well I decided to have a little go I went simple you can probably tell my photo journalistic approach to photography.

    My idea was to split the picture the foreground the girl reading being reality, the middle a kind of silent hill feel a world around us people dont see it just carries on with out us knowing then the top that is her dream the exciting thing thats going on in her book. Its a bit like a though bubble in a comic I suppose haha

    my submission

  5. I tried to split the image the foreground and the girl being reality, the middle a kind of silent hill feel where theres a world around us were not aware of and then the dream in the top which is the exciting thing in the book shes reading. A bit like a thought bubble in a comic book haha


  6. Well I hope this doesnt post more than once a few problems withmy web browser 🙁

    Heres my quick attempt I thought it would be fun taking part in this fun competition thingy.


    What I tried to do was split the photo so I had the girl reading the book clear as thats her reality in the middle I tried to do a silent hill feel where theres another world discontected from hers and then the top a dreamy world of her imagination… kind of like a comic thought bubble haha.

  7. Hi, i did add a Picture into the 23hq photogroup. Is there a special tag i should use? I think i used mtg-sambe133

    [Edit by Rolf: Image included.]

  8. moin.

    können wir nicht lieber alle z.b. mal ein portrait schicken, das >>> anständig <<< fotografiert wurde. (gutes licht, schöne person, schöner hintergrund, nicht zu viel bokeh, scharf.) dann wählen wir eines aus und dann kann jeder das post-produzieren und muss seine schritte notieren.

    dieses bilder retten ist in meinen augen voll total sinnlos. (wer ständig bilder rettet, sollte lieber lernen, sich von bildern zu trennen und anständig zu fotografieren.)


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