Episode 132: Cinelerra in Japan!

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This week there is only a little bit of GIMP, but a lot more about the free video editor Cinelerra. I use it to make a kind of slide show video used to illustrate a short “bumper” for Martin Bailey’s blog and podcast about his (mostly nature) photography. Martin is living in Japan and has a lot to tell about photography and Japan. Highly recommended!

Cinelerra is a full “non linear” video editor for Linux – and so perhaps a bit overkill for making a slide show. Non linear says that the program does not change the video and sound data and that you can access all your media easy and fast because only references are moved around. I forgot to introduce it properly at the start of the video. There are programs around for Windows and MacOS which do the same, I am sure.

Cinelerra comes in a lot of different flavours. I take the version from cinelerra.org.

The final version of the bumper, the used images and the Cinelerra XML file are in the companion file.

And here are, as promised, my settings. Compare if you have problems, my setup is running, but I am not sure why…. 😉

Cinelerra Options - Playback

Playback – check for “Stop playback locks up” if you encounter stutter – uncheck “Play every frame” for performance

Cinelerra Options - Recording

Recording – Important is the last point about images

Cinelerra Options -  Performance


Cinelerra Options - Interface

Interface – Check “Show Thumbnails”

Cinelerra Options - About

About – for version information

This week we have a mobile version of the video again. It’s not on the feed, because I don’t know if this version fills your needs. So feedback please!

Sorry, I could not make a TOC this time, too much school stuff around.

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9 thoughts on “Episode 132: Cinelerra in Japan!

  1. After reading your comment I thought about a slide show in Blender. Could be a walk through an exhibition hall. Columns like your bottle cap, walls with fancy frames and spots on them…. Would be fun to do. 🙂

  2. That was a nice demo giving a taste of the features of cinelerra and how they are used, without getting mired in details or trying to be a tutorial.


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  4. I’ve gotten through half of the episode and am finding it to have the perfect level of detail. As I was the unnamed MTG member requesting the show, I now feel personally obliged to make everything work, so I am following your tutorial with your companion files and trying to making everything work. So far so good. Thank you.

    You reference in the show the black magic PREFERENCES and that you will share them with us in the blog. Is this info available yet – I cannot find it so I assume your “other job’ is taking precedence


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