Episode 013: A Triptych and a Challenge for You!

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Triptychs – and nearly one hour of them. In this episode I’ll show you how to combine three images to one good looking set and get some frames and borders around them. Again a layer mask is used to partially edit a picture with the curves tool.


The idea to this show came from this thread at the Tips from the Top Floor forum.

More about triptychs can be found at the Wikipedia here and here. More triptychs can be found here at google.

And I have a challenge for you. Make a triptych and put it online at the photogroup “meetthegimp.org” at 23. (23 is a friendly danish image hoster. I am their customer since flickr.com decided to censor my access to images because I am living in Germany.) I’ll show all the images in show 16 – so you have time up to October 16 or so to upload your stuff. I have asked a potential sponsor 23 to donate a bit – so it is possible that I have something as a price for you. (No, it’s not a license for the full version of the Gimp….. 😉 )and they have given me some codes for getting a year of full service at 23. I’ll choose the winner (if there is a price…) by random – so equal chances for all.


00:24 Welcome to triptychs
04:44 The source images
07:46 Resizing the images
09:25 Make the background
12:40 Placing the images on separate layers
16:36 Set the background colour
17:10 Frame each image using layers
20:45 Frame the triptych by stroking selection
24:50 Fine-tune the images
25:00 Use curves to get part of the image right
28:38 Use layer-mask to isolate other part of image
36:52 Add a caption using the text tool
40:00 Save the file
40:40 Resize for the web
41:05 Sharpen the individual images
43:00 Re-do the caption
44:16 Re-save as JPEG
44:53 23hq.com
46:15 – mtg-triptych tag
47:55 – Add image to Meet The Gimp group
51:42 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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12 thoughts on “Episode 013: A Triptych and a Challenge for You!

  1. Gunnar said in response to MeetTheGimp-11:
    >Lightzone is way more than a converter. I think it has some real potential. Check out this presentation on the future of image editing.

    It looks like there are many other talks about various photo tech subjects:

    Many look fascinating: I’ll check them out after watch MTG-13 🙂

  2. Hello, Rolf!

    I have upload my own triptych at the 23hq – http://www.23hq.com/svetlyak40wt/photo/2475917

    By the way, I want to say, that I very like to participate in different competitions. In the MTG-13 you have mention the 72 hour competition from the TFTTF.

    72 hour is very big time limit. Here in Russia, I have participate in the photcross – regular offline competition for photographers, where each team must shoot and process fotos for production with in few hours.

    I think, that it is very hard to work under the such high pressure, but a very funny too.

    Good luck with you own competition!

  3. Rolf,
    Thank you very much for the time you are putting into these tutorials. I have been using linux for many years but have never been able to get any more out of the gimp than the most basic cropping and resizing. Thanks to your videos this is now changing!

    I have also finally gotten around to posting a couple of triptychs on the photogroup, and am finally starting to feel comfortable doing some basic editing in the gimp now.

    I’m always eagerly awaiting the next episode. Thank you again and keep up the great work

  4. I saw this episode yesterday. So I guess the triptych-contest is already finished. I did a triptych some time ago, with scant knowledge of the possibilities of Gimp. So after your show my next triptych will have a better and a really professional look. But the main reason für my first triptych was to be funny, and I’m even now not really sure if this goal has been achieved.
    (Sorry for my poor english)
    Maybe have a look at my picture, you can see it in the Fotocommunity:

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  8. I’ve just watched this episode. I found it very informative about various GIMP techniques – and I’m not new to the program. Thanks for doing these tutorials!

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