Episode 123: Pimp my Photo! (2)

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The results of the Book Challenge have been so interesting that I have made two shows out of them. This is the second part.

If you want to buy Akkana Peck’s book from amazon.com in the US, go to her website and use her link. She gets a bit more money out of it and you pay the same.


00:50 Threshold tool revisited
02:40 Ityker’s image
04:00 Selective decolorisation
05:00 Layer mask for selective decolorisation
05:00 Layer mask shortcuts
06:00 Duotone
08:45 Sample points
10:00 Preventing tonal change of the colorisation layer
11:10 Sharpening layer
12:50 Fake view cam cassete shadow
14:30 Mathias’ image
15:50 Image sources
17:00 Layers for ressources
18:40 Combining different exposures
19:25 Healing spots and bra straps
20:30 Layers for sculpting the hair
22:40 The sky – overlay mode
23:50 The sign
24:00 Layer groups
25:00 Dodge and burn on a layer in soft light mode
26:00 Unsharp mask for enhancing local and global contrast
27:20 The John Arnold Style Vignette(R) 😉

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7 thoughts on “Episode 123: Pimp my Photo! (2)

  1. Thank you for a most interesting and informative analysis. Regretfully, I am not an artist but it is great to see how it can be done.

  2. I have just realised, Rolf, you must have had fun taking bits out of two images and making one of your own, statue on a settee in a field.

  3. Why pimp when Gimp?

    Just a suggestion is to call it “Gimp my photo” and maybe “Gimp my ride” as a episode in the future.

  4. @Norman: It was a lot of fun to go through the contributions – and of course to mess with the images as in #121 too. But don’t look to sharp at this one, it’s sloppy…

    @kenny_ex: This was the name of the challenge, but your idea may have been better. New challenges will have new names.

  5. Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciated them!
    I was surprised how much details you recognized – what exactly I have done and especially why I have done this. It’s almost like you have watched me editing this image 😉

    Regarding the hair treatment:
    I wanted some poppy highlights to let her hair shine a little more. So I have brightened it up in Screen mode. By applying a layer in Grain Merge the colours became more saturated. Don’t ask why but it works 😉 And it works better if the spots are bright – that’s the second reason for the screened layer below. In the end the Overlay mode to correct the contrast/ exposure and make a believable impression.

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