Episode 122: Pimp my Photo! (1)

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The results of the Book Challenge have been so interesting that I have made two shows out of them. This is the first part.

If you want to buy Akkana Peck’s book from amazon.com in the US, go to her website and use her link. She get’s a bit more money out of it and you pay the same.

It’s worth to keep an eye on John Arnold’s Photowalkthrough, perhaps something special is coming up there. 😉


03:30 Kevin’s image
04:00 Bracketing
05:30 Darkening parts of the image with curves and layer mask
06:30 Combining different images from the bracketed shots
09:00 image composition
10:00 Spray paint
10:10 Notes in a separate layer
12:00 jd24w9’s image
12:00 Combining background and foreground from different shots
12:50 Don’t merge your layers – keep them!
13:45 Better use a different shot for the sky – fake but easier
14:25 Ted’s image
14:40 Tab toggles the toolbox on and off the screen
15:00 Divide the image in several parts and process them differently
16:30 Overlay Mode for enhancing brickwork
17:15 Making a surreal sky with multiply mode
18:45 Gimpel’s image
20:00 Threshold tool for black and white
21:15 painting over the image
22:00 Wrapping up
22:35 Server problems and PCN

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5 thoughts on “Episode 122: Pimp my Photo! (1)

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  2. Thanks for the nice things you’ve said about my photo.

    It was hand-held (no tripod) and the composition is more luck than any judgement on my behalf.

    Thanks for showing the artist notes as well. I felt it was important that the artist got full credit for his creation.

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