Episode 120: Two funny Accents in one Show!

horrible result mixup with book
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This week you’ll get both hosts of the show in one package. Philippe (southern France) and I (northern Germany) discuss the results of the Double Book Challenge in the “From Scratch” section. We use Skype and the connection is not as good as we were used to it between Chile and Germany.  So expect some funny noises added to the accents.

At the end of the show we both come up with a random number and calculate in a highly scientific way who wins the two books. I’ll give you all a chance to find out in the video if you have won and contact the winners later next week. And IF YOU have won, send me your contact data so that I can forward them to APRESS, who sponsor the prizes.

All the images we talked about are in the companion file.

17 thoughts on “Episode 120: Two funny Accents in one Show!

  1. Thank you for this nice format of the show. It is very entertaining to “see” both chairmen of MTG communicating in such a jolly mood 🙂
    Again I’m fascinated by the scratch fraction’s products.
    Congratulation to the winners!

  2. @Joe: Thanks, I fixed that.

    @Bert: It was a lot of fun to make, including the half hour with all the tech problems – mainly sound and file transport related. Perhaps we’ll repeat this format in the future.

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  4. I have tried to download the iPod compatible video and I get an Error 404 – Page Not Found. The HD version downloads correctly. Thanks for fixing the link to the companion files.

  5. Thanks for an entertaining and informative show. We have some highly skilled and artistic members here at MTG. Lets do more of these challenges.

  6. I like the results of the from scratch challenge, all the pictures are great. Especially the billboard, it’s just mindblowing! The beer is very good, too (hmm, maybe because I have a nearly similar bottle right next to me ;-).
    I am not fond of the photo manip winner, I don’t like messing around with pictures of other people in the first place (or is this a picture of herself?), I don’t like this style of clothing at all and, as Philippe stated correctly, it’s a very trivial job, color selection script, threshold and you are done. Five minutes maybe. But rules are rules and all have to abide them, so she won fair and square.
    Something else: Two episodes before the current still-in-development version of Gimp was shown, is there an easy (in like non-geek) way to get this? Level grouping is very useful and annotation of brushes helps when you’ve got a load of selfmade or bought brushes.

  7. The winners were drawn by chance – so there is no judgement included. I’ll discuss some of the images of my challenge in the next show.

    I would not use the dev version just now for something else but testing. It can go down in flames every second. 🙂

  8. I have happily taken part in Rolf’s challenges on the basis that they were not competitions and that the choice of the winner would be a lottery. The challenge was for me to see if I could make use of the GIMP processes that I have been learning by watching the videos and not to produce a competition winning image. My understanding has always been that, when the competition was closed and the winner drawn, Rolf would put together a video which would show the entries and, should he so wish, he would comment thereon.

    Now that this challenge is over I must say that I was very unhappy when some entries, as they were made, came in for comment and criticism. This has never happened before with a challenge and should never have been allowed to happen this time. Comment by all means when the challenge is over and done with, all help I am sure is gratefully received be it from Rolf or a member of MTG but, I for one, did not enter the challenge on that basis and, If I had know that this was to happen, I don’t think I would have taken part. This is exactly the sort of thing which is almost guaranteed to frighten off beginners from taking part in a Rolf challenge unless it is made quite clear that the challenge is all about taking part and trying to show to our teacher that his methods help us to learn.

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  10. Norman, I’m really sorry for this misunderstanding, but I don’t thing anny of the authors of the shown artwork was offended by the show, we wanted to learn from them and show there artistic choices and technical skills, that all, in an frendly and positive way, excuse us if your are feeling abused by this unannounced format, we will take care next time to publish more prudently the framework of the challenge if we do another one.

  11. Philippe, you have no reason to apologise, the ideas behind the challenges were great and we can all learn a great deal from the entries. The only difference that I could see between these challenges and the previous ones is where the entries were sent and that should have made no difference. I would like to see more people taking part, after all there are more than 450 members of the forum and, if only 10% put in an entry that would be 45. I am not sure what can be done to encourage more members to take part but I am sure I know how to put them off.

    The idea of challenges is a good one and you and Rolf are to be praised for the efforts you both make in providing interesting and stimulating videos. I have watched every single recording since the first one Rolf produced, as they were made available and this has stimulated and encouraged me to try to do more than take snapshots. I wonder how many of those who started out supporting Rolf all that time ago are still as avid a viewer as I am.

  12. I’m one of those supporting viewers and been here from the beginning.
    I don’t feel that the episode should offend anybody. When the challenges are as broad as these last were, it can be difficult to understand what qualities should go into consideration. Therefore, a seminar where Rolf and Philippe comments a hand pick of images is something to be happy about. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask proper questions when a viewer is a untrained eye, hence not many can comment each other entries.
    Do remember that this is the first double challenge, and the assessment hasn’t quite established a proper form. There’s a lot of different kind of expectations and not everybody can get satisfied. So to underline, try to look at the accomplishment for experimenting with two areas of challenges at once.

    On a last note. I do agree with Norman that comments can frighten off beginners. This is open to debate weather it should be allowed or not during a challenge. When members range form beginners, intermediates and experts the difference will create some clash. Norman does the right thing and voices his opinion, as do I. Feedback is necessary for Rolf and Philippe. What ever outcome, it will shape future notes to the challenges.

    I hope both Rolf and Philippe is in the next show.

  13. Norman has a valid argument there – I’ll keep this in mind for the next challenge.

    And I think a lot of the first viewers are still around. I just looked into the first comments and found some names that came up regularly in the last 2 years.

    Making the show together with Philippe was a lot of fun for both of us and will be repeated. Not in the next show, Philippe is traveling. And I want to have better sound – we’ll set up a “double ender” – the sound is recorded on both sides in good quality and only we have to cope with all the static of the line. Mixed to stereo you’ll have us next to each other like Boris and Chris of Happy Shooting. I’ll have to research IP phone tech – it should work better without a server in between.

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